BAT Study: Smokeless Cigarettes Reduce Smokers’ Health Risks | Local

The conclusion of a one-year study of 267 people in the United Kingdom found a significant risk-reducing role for British American Tobacco Plc traditional cigarettes compared to traditional cigarettes. The final report was published last week by the Journal of Internal and Emergency Medicine. A preliminary six-month report was released on July 1. The glo … Read more

Lakota business celebrates expansion after success in Old Town | News

Megan Schnitker gets excited when she talks about what it means to her children to own their own business that proudly displays her Lakota heritage. “They can come here and their mom owns this store,” Schnitker said. “My 9-year-old definitely feels more confident telling people he’s local. “When she was in kindergarten, she came home … Read more

Improving Continuity of Care with New Technology

Three modern advances help clinicians continue to be a resource outside the exam room Modern technology allows doctors to monitor patients like never before. Virtual care platforms, wearables and monitoring devices facilitate real-time patient data and more frequent communication between veterinarians and clients. These innovations allow clinicians to extend their reach beyond the exam room, … Read more

What are the health effects of excessive disinfection?

Specific effects of disinfection chemicals on human healthThe COVID-19 pandemic and the potential health consequences of using alcohol-based hand sanitizersReferences More information The use of cleaning agents in disinfection products is thought to lead to a variety of outcomes related to several organ systems, including respiratory and cardiovascular symptoms and effects on the skin. Respiratory … Read more

Hawkins County Natural Health Store Opened By Woman With Chronic Illnesses | Appalachian Mountains

ROGERSVILLE – After suffering from chronic health issues for many years, Andrea Davidson began researching natural remedies for health and became passionate about helping others. Davidson, who worked as a musician in Nashville for several years, has battled chronic illnesses like psoriasis for most of her life. “So most of my life I’ve dealt with … Read more