Weekly calendar Jan. 30-Feb. 5: Art exhibit, Black Heritage Festival, soup cook-off, music

Calendar sponsors Create a Valentine Wreath at PlantHouse on February 4th. Trying to figure out what to do? This calendar, published weekly on Mondays, can point you to some of the best options in Lake Norman. January 30-March 31 Home grown exhibit 9:00 – 17:00 Monday – Friday; 9am-noon, Saturday. | January 30-March 31. A … Read more

Here Are 8 Things Rich People Do Differently That Make Them ‘Ultra Rich’

It took me 20 years of trial and error before I achieved a million dollar net worth. Now, at 64 I derive income from the 18 companies I founded and the 12,000 apartments I own. But I wish I had understood earlier how the ultra-rich think about money. I have built relationships with many millionaires … Read more

Kaiser’s state-of-the-art hospital in San Jose will have more than 300 beds

SAN JOSE — Kaiser Permanente is eyeing what it touts as a “state-of-the-art” new hospital in San Jose that will have more than 300 beds and eventually replace the existing hospital, city plans show. The new medical center will rise on top of what is currently a surface parking lot and outdoor COVID vaccine center … Read more

What you need to know before signing a commercial lease

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur collaborators are their own. When it comes time to start looking for commercial space to rent, there are many things to consider. If this is your first time renting a commercial space, there are certain factors that I recommend knowing in advance before starting your search. 1. Zoning First of all, … Read more

Florida commission calls for sweeping mental health reforms | Florida Trend Health Care – Florida Trend

Florida commission calls for sweeping mental health reforms A state commission is urging Florida to make sweeping reforms to its patchwork mental health care system. The recommendations come from the Commission on Mental Health and Substance Abuse, which was created in 2021 after a Parkland grand jury called Florida’s mental health system a “mess.” The … Read more

Why the human connection is extremely relevant despite technology’s role in transforming real estate

From browsing properties online to visiting VR-enabled sites, technology is transforming the way consumers buy or transact real estate. However, in an era of rapid digitalization and increasing levels of customer engagement, the personalized attention provided by real estate agents and client managers is still highly valued for the guidance and insights it provides. Let’s … Read more

Breakthrough Properties unveils plans to create world-leading research building in growing Oxford Life Sciences market

Trinity House by Breakthrough Development will include 169,000 SF of research labs and The offices will meet the demand for cutting-edge environments in the UK’s Golden Triangle OXFORD, England, January 11, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Breakthrough Properties, a leading global life sciences real estate developer, today unveiled plans to develop its Trinity House from Breakthrough site … Read more

Merger in shared apartment business creates industry leader

One of the largest co-living companies in the US is merging with a European partner to create one of the world’s largest providers of shared apartments for young professionals. New York-based Common manages more than 4,000 apartments in the US, while Berlin-based Habyt manages about 7,000 apartments in Europe and Asia. The combined company will … Read more

How Proptech is disrupting the real estate industry

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur collaborators are their own. Over the past two decades, the real estate industry has undergone significant changes. These changes are due to the influx of new technologies and advancements that benefit many stakeholders, including agents, brokers, developers, property managers, investors, homeowners and developers. The name we collectively give to the synergy … Read more

Million Dollar Tips from Business Tycoon Ryan Surhunt

Recognizing that negotiations are often about two competing viewpoints trying to win their way … [+] As such, Serhant advises not to enter a negotiation without considering how you can help the other side win. Getty Ryan Surhunt is a real estate broker, author, and business and media mogul. He was also the star of … Read more