BCAA offers mobility and mental health benefits to patients with T2D

A six-month pilot study compared BCAA supplementation with soy protein intake to assess the effects of amino acid intake on physical (muscle) strength and mental health parameters. BCAAs have been reported to improve knee muscle strength, despite no change in skeletal mass, and are associated with reduced depressive states by stimulating the production of tryptophan, … Read more

On government spending, Congress decided not to make a decision

Congress must complete its annual appropriations bills before the fiscal year begins on Oct. 1. But that rarely happens, and this year is no different, as lawmakers scramble to pass a short-term funding bill so they can delay a final decision until at least December. Meanwhile, with the midterm elections in mind, House Republicans have … Read more

The study provides further evidence of a positive public health impact of banning menthol cigarettes

A new study concludes that the European ban on menthol cigarettes in 2020 made menthol smokers more likely to quit, supporting previous Canadian research on the positive public health impact of banning menthol cigarettes. Christina Kyriakos of Imperial College London led the study in collaboration with researchers from Maastricht University and the Trimbos Institute in … Read more

Improving skin health with microbiome modulators

Skin health is big business: in 2021, the global market for skin care products is estimated to be worth more than €130 billion. As consumers seek more “natural” products to improve skin health, there is increased attention on the role of the skin microbiome. Guus Kortmann, Scientist and Senior Project Leader in Microbiomics, and Janneke … Read more

Belmont workers report health problems after chemical spray – NBC Boston

The NBC10 Investigators have learned that the Massachusetts Department of Labor Standards conducted an investigation that concluded the city of Belmont created conditions that put “employees at risk of work-related injury or illness” during the early months of the COVID pandemic. -19, according to a copy of an inspection report we received. In March 2020, … Read more

Ice swimming may reduce ‘bad’ body fat, but further health benefits unclear – Current Science Review suggests

Immersion in cold water can reduce “bad” body fat in men and reduce the risk of diseases such as diabetes, suggests a major scientific review published in the peer-reviewed journal International Journal of Circumpolar Health. The authors say many of the 104 studies they analyzed showed significant effects of cold water swimming, including on the … Read more

Keys to maintaining good brain health

Your brain is great. About 100 billion nerve cells work together to keep you agile and quick in your thinking. But like the rest of the body, your brain may not be as energetic when you get a little older. Maybe you find yourself having to write things down, or forgetting appointments, or unable to … Read more

A healthy lifestyle can help ex-smokers reduce their risk of dying from any cause

News release Thursday, September 22, 2022 Former smokers who maintain a healthy lifestyle have a lower risk of dying from any cause than those who do not engage in healthy habits, according to a new study by researchers at the National Cancer Institute (NCI), part of The National Institutes of Health. The reduced risk of … Read more

Cutting-edge technology uses MRI to diagnose heart failure patients in record time

Researchers at the University of East Anglia have developed cutting-edge technology to diagnose heart failure patients in record time. State-of-the-art technology uses magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to create detailed 4D images of the heart’s flow. But unlike a standard MRI scan, which can take up to 20 minutes or more, the new 4D heart MRI … Read more

Study reveals mental health burden in Flint community five years after water crisis

September 20, 2022 Data from the largest community mental health survey in Flint, Michigan, show that one in five adults, or approximately 13,600 people, are believed to have clinical depression, and one in four, or 15,000 people, was assessed for post-traumatic stress disorder five years after the water crisis began. “The mental health burden of … Read more