Why technology can help or hinder consulting practices

Robert “Bobby” Powell is vice president of wealth management sales at iPipeline, where he leads the wealth management and insurance distribution sales teams. The focus of these two teams is to support wealth managers and insurance distributors with the tools they need to help more families secure their financial future. Russ Alan Prince: How do … Read more

The biggest mistakes business owners make when selling their business

Robert Daly | Getty Images For many entrepreneurs, selling or transferring a business is like giving up a baby they’ve raised from infancy. Of course, there’s a lot at stake economically, given that 80 percent to 90 percent of owners have their financial wealth locked up in their companies, according to estimates by the Exit … Read more

How to finance home health care if you want to ‘age in place’

Images in semicolon | Moment | Getty Images About 70 percent of people want to age at home, but only 10 percent have long-term care insurance, a recent HCG Secure/Arctos Foundation study found. In addition, about half of those surveyed had no idea how much home care would cost. With the average annual cost of … Read more

Americans are lonelier than ever — and it’s bad for your health

“Happy Thanksgiving. “Merry Christmas. “Happy New Year. We are forced to think that the holidays that are soon to begin are meant to be joyous times with family and friends. TV shows, commercials, holiday music and everything in between. But that’s not necessarily true in a country where more people are alone than ever before. … Read more

Caring for grandchildren can be bad for your health

Budget airline AirTran aired a funny ad about a couple of grandparents visiting their offspring shortly after their grandchildren were born. The grandparents were expecting a week together with the whole family. Instead, they were handed the babies at the door as the new parents jumped into a taxi and headed to the airport. “We’ll … Read more

Do you need life insurance?

Almost everyone knows that death and taxes are inevitable. For these two reasons, you may need life insurance. Like a Swiss army knife, life insurance can do a lot. There are several reasons why you might want to consider buying life insurance… You love someone: You can use life insurance to create an estate. Here, … Read more

Almost everyone fails the investment literacy test

Are you ready for today’s retirement investing pop quiz? Which of the major asset classes is most correlated with inflation, performing better when inflation is higher and worse when it is lower? I bet you answered gold or maybe commodities in general. And you are not wrong, undefined you focus on the correlation of short-term … Read more

I am 62, single and have never had a retirement account. I have $100,000 to invest, but is it too late?

I am a 62 year old single male and have never had a retirement account. I own both my home and a rental property that are paid off and have no other liabilities. I have $100,000 in savings that I would like to invest for retirement. At my current job I save $10,000 a month … Read more

Navigating faith and finance with technology

More than 30 years Chris McMahonCEO of Aquinas Wealth Advisors, has advised his clients in the areas of comprehensive financial planning, asset allocation, retirement planning and estate tax minimization techniques. Russ Alan Prince: Tell us a little about Aquinas Wealth Advisors℠ and the passion for faith-based investing that led to the founding of the firm. … Read more

Planning a big trip for the holidays? How to make sense of travel insurance.

After years of waiting and delaying, many retirees plan to travel for the holidays and winter months. Booking in advance can be a good way to secure lower prices, but how can you protect your travel investment? Travel insurance is part of the answer and there are different ways to book travel which can mean … Read more