While DeSantis has been ferrying legal asylum seekers to Martha’s Vineyard, business owners in his state are scrambling for workers

CNN Business — For the past two years, Jan Gautem has been filling in sporadically as a housekeeper at Orlando, Florida hotels managed by Interesting Hotels & Resort Management, or IHRMC. When he’s not making beds, he’s busy running the company. He is the president and CEO of IHRMC – which is based in Orlando, … Read more

It’s the peak of hurricane season and you get a “Notice of Non-Renewal…” insurance now what? | Property

“Don’t panic!” Speaking from personal experience, getting a letter from your property insurer saying ‘Notice of Non-Renewal’ – a tamer way of saying the policy will be canceled after the end of the current 12-month period – can be a little nerve-wracking, especially during of hurricane season or if your mortgage company requires year-round coverage. … Read more

DeSantis says his goal in business is to protect children; some parents say it’s not his decision

MIAMI – Gov. Ron DeSantis has defended parents’ rights during the pandemic, saying it should be up to them whether or not their children follow public health measures. But when videos show kids at a drag queen show, parental rights don’t come to mind. Attorney Nicole Alvarez is among the critics who called out DeSantis … Read more

The rating agency plans to downgrade 27 Florida-based property and casualty insurance companies

TALLAHASSEE – CBS4 has learned that a rating agency plans to downgrade 27 of the 40 Florida-based property and casualty insurance companies. It’s a move that could leave millions of homeowners in the state paying more, even leaving some scrambling to find a new insurer. “Very dramatic impact on the market here, the real estate … Read more