Point32Health taps Inclusive Health for LGBTQ+ care

Traditionally offering virtual care and navigation services to employers, Included Health is now moving into the health plan space. It is teaming up with Point32Health to serve its commercial members in the LGBTQ+ community, companies announced Wednesday. Based in San Francisco Health included gives patients access to virtual and in-person urgent care, primary care, behavioral … Read more

This year, FOG Design+Art transcends generational and geographic boundaries

Image courtesy of Nikki Richter. FOG Design+Art, San Francisco’s annual international art and design fair, never fails to exhaust me. It’s in the way you can be exhausted after a huge, delicious meal – both full and somehow still hungry for more. Your stomach can’t be as big as your eyes when there’s so much … Read more

From JPM Week: Trends life science experts are watching in 2023

A panel composed primarily of biopharmaceutical experts discusses the trends sure to shape the life sciences industry this year and beyond. The panel was hosted by management consulting firm Boston Consulting Group on Tuesday in San Francisco. Here are some key takeaways: The slow pace of rapid changeOne theme that has emerged — and perhaps … Read more

The importance of quality assurance for customer-centric medical technology

Customers are at the center of business, and in the field of medical technology, quality assurance reigns supreme. Quality assurance looks at a company’s services or products to make sure everything is working efficiently and meets what is desired and mandated by the industry. When this process is streamlined, quality assurance provides significant benefit to … Read more

Health access and equity: Women’s health and technology hold the keys

Although the quality of US health care and patient outcomes has generally improved over time, access to care—and therefore positive patient outcomes—is not equitable for all people. Overall, one in 10 Americans lacks health insurance, the result of a system that is breaking under the weight of high costs and increasing complexity. Diabetes rates are … Read more

A travel health record can improve patient outcomes and alleviate health problems during travel

New data reveals that 28% of Americans have gotten sick or injured while on vacation. Getting sick and injured are among the worst travel scenarios because, in addition to ruining our plans, we’re away from our medical team and possibly from the comfort of family, friends, or colleagues who might be able to help. If … Read more

Health equity and the push for value-based care

Social, economic and geographic disadvantages create significant health disparities, such as lower quality of care and poorer health outcomes. To help improve these issues, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) revised the Global and Professional Direct Contracting Model under the new name Accountable Care Organization Model for Equity, Access, and Community Health (or … Read more

Technology transportation puts health plans in the driver’s seat to improve outcomes

An elderly African American man with a disability gets out of a car in his wheelchair. His wife helps him, holds the door open. Focus on the person. Healthcare needs better infrastructure. Millions of Americans covered by the national safety net programs, Medicare Advantage and Medicaid managed care, rely on transportation to access essential medical … Read more

Bridging cultural differences to improve health equity

Achieving equity in health care benefits both health care payers and members. Culturally diverse audiences experience disparities in health care access and health outcomes. Patients with limited English proficiency (LEP) experience poor health outcomes across the board, including above-average levels of emergency department visits and hospital stays. Most healthcare leaders agree that we need to … Read more

Declarations are not enough. Health care equity needs action, health care leaders say

Ask a health care organization what its top priority is today, and many will say health care equity. But when it comes to creating real change, lip service won’t cut it, one executive said. “This is virtue signaling,” SCAN Health Plan CEO Sachin Jain said in a recent interview. “It’s fashionable to say you care … Read more