Origami has revolutionized technology, from medicine to space

The art of origami has existed in Japan since at least the 17th century, but there are hints of paper folding from long before that. At first, the designs were simple and – because paper was expensive – used mostly for ceremonial purposes, such as the male and female paper butterflies known as Ocho and … Read more

New study finds genes linked to whales’ enormous size

Scientists have long puzzled over the mystery of how whales got so big. A new study offers some answers. Whales are ocean animals. Fin, bowhead, gray, humpback and sperm whales are the largest animals alive today. In fact, the blue whale is the largest known animal to have ever existed, larger than any dinosaur. A … Read more

Wearable Technology: Integrating Science and Medicine in Sports Training | Innovations in science and technology

Fitness trackers have come a long way since the early days of the humble pedometer. Today, elite athletes wear sensors, watches, rings and patches that transmit real-time data and information about the athlete’s performance during training and competition. Enter the Gatorade Gx Patch. It is a micro-sized wearable sports technology that athletes use during training … Read more

NextGen Collaboration: Why Teamwork Matters in the Slow Work of Science | Innovations in science and technology

Medicine works miracles, but miracles take time. The vaccine against COVID-19, for example, was developed less than a year after the start of the pandemic – a stunning achievement. What the headlines don’t always show is that the vaccine breakthrough would have been impossible without the foundation of decades of research by many different scientists … Read more

Microsoft Expands OpenAI Partnership, Invests Billions More

The American technology company Microsoft announced a new investment worth billions of dollars in AI (AI) developer OpenAI. The deal marks the latest deepening of ties between the two companies. Microsoft first invested in OpenAI in 2019, when it poured $1 billion into the company. Microsoft officials did not put a number on the latest … Read more

Scientists use laser to redirect lightning strikes

Scientists said this week that they used a high-powered laser to change the direction of lightning strikes for the first time. The laser was aimed at the sky atop Mount Santis in northeastern Switzerland. Lightning is a powerful electrical discharge between a cloud and the ground, within a cloud, or between clouds. It kills thousands … Read more

You need this critical concept to power your business

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur collaborators are their own. When someone mentions the term user experience (UX) design, do you immediately think of screens and interfaces? Well, that’s part of it all, but the subject goes much deeper than that. Applied in the right way, it can even be critical to your business. In this potentially … Read more

Apple’s Chinese supplier, Samsung plans big investment in Vietnam

A Chinese supplier of electronic equipment to Apple and Samsung is planning a major investment in two factories in Vietnam. Reuters spoke to two people with knowledge of the deal. Reports say BOE Technology Group plans to invest up to $400 million. The plan suggests that US company Apple and Taiwan’s Foxconn are trying to … Read more