The study provides a key link between the social environment and healthy brains

As people age, maintaining a positive and predictable social environment becomes increasingly important. For example, maintaining close relationships with friends and family has been identified as one of the key ingredients for healthy aging. While some declines in health, mind, and body are inevitable, studies show that maintaining a positive social environment can help prevent … Read more

Exercise can beneficially alter subcutaneous adipose tissue, which can improve metabolic health

Exercise is one of the first strategies used to treat obesity-related health problems like type 2 diabetes and other cardiovascular diseases, but scientists don’t understand exactly how it works to improve metabolic health. To that end, researchers at the University of Michigan studied the effects of three months of exercise on obese people and found … Read more

Improving skin health with microbiome modulators

Skin health is big business: in 2021, the global market for skin care products is estimated to be worth more than €130 billion. As consumers seek more “natural” products to improve skin health, there is increased attention on the role of the skin microbiome. Guus Kortmann, Scientist and Senior Project Leader in Microbiomics, and Janneke … Read more

Microneedle technology for cheap, painless and bloodless tattoos

Instead of sitting in a tattoo chair for hours and enduring painful pricks, imagine getting tattooed with patches of skin containing microscopic needles. Researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology have developed cheap, painless and bloodless self-applied tattoos that have many uses, from medical signals to tracking neutered animals to cosmetics. We’ve miniaturized the needle … Read more

The study offers more quantitative insights into the long-term health risks of secondhand smoke exposure

Some smells seem to permeate everything they touch. Tobacco smoke is one of the worst offenders. Secondhand smoke refers to residual nicotine and other hazardous chemicals that pollute the indoor environment after smoking. Think about the lingering smell you’ve probably encountered when touching the clothes of a pack-a-day smoker or checking into a tidy but … Read more