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They say a messy desk leads to a messy mind. With a desk organizer, you can better focus on your schoolwork or independent projects while maximizing your workspace. These products come with a designated space for pencils, pens and brushes, as well as small tools such as erasers and pencil sharpeners. The trick is to find one that can hold what you need, but won’t take up too much space on its own. Ideally, it would be good to look into it. Revamp your desktop or work table with one of the best artist desk organizers below.

How we choose each product:

Our mission is to recommend the most suitable artist tool or supply for your needs. Whether you’re looking for top-of-the-line gear or entry-level essentials, we’ll make sure you get good value for your money by doing the research for you. We scour the internet for information on how art materials are used and read customer reviews from real users; ask for advice from experts; and of course, we rely on our own accumulated experience as artists, teachers and craftsmen.

1. Totally Tiffany Desk Maid Tool Tower

With six compartments with square openings and two slimmer ones, this tiered desk organizer can hold a wide variety of tools. Still, with a base measuring about nine by five inches, it doesn’t take up too much space. We love that it keeps everything in sight: small items like tires and wires can fit snugly in the lower compartments without getting lost, while rulers can stand upright in the higher ones. Made of wood, the tower is strong and durable. Being white, it doesn’t draw much attention and blends in with almost any desk setting.

Totally Tiffany Desk Maid Tool Tower


2. Safco Products Desk Organizer

This option is a bit pricey, but worth it if your budget allows. Made entirely of sturdy steel mesh, it can hold almost any stationery item you desire. Three sliding drawers – perfect for pens and pencils and small items like sticky notes – make up most of its base, and two shelves – one wide, one narrow – sit above them. On the left is a holder that can hold folders or notebooks. The drawers move smoothly without squeaking and are long enough for most pens and pencils (and even brushes). The base features rubber feet that keep the entire structure from moving while in use—or worse, from scratching your desk. You’ll likely have this smart organizer for many years to come. Note that it has a relatively large footprint, measuring more than 16 inches long and about a foot wide.

Tame your workspace with the best of 2022

Safco Products Desk organizer


3. Sterilite organizer

Sometimes simple is all you need. This drawer system from Sterilite features three pull-out compartments stacked on top of each other so it only takes up an 8-by-14-inch desk space. Drawers are perfect for oddly shaped items, but you can also fit notebooks or smaller organizers to create your own internal compartments. Each has a rounded handle and slides in and out with little effort. Made in the USA from durable plastic, this organizer is also easy to wipe down if you need to clean it. You can also buy several organizers and stack them.

Tame your workspace with the best of 2022

Sterilite organizer


4. Mont Martre Studio Tidy Holder

If you’re looking for an organizer to store your painting and drawing supplies, we recommend this no-nonsense plastic holder from Mont Martre. The organizer, measuring almost 6 inches square and about 3.5 inches tall, has 96 square holes for holding thinner markers, colored pencils, paint brushes and other tools (as long as they are about 0.66 inches in diameter and less). With each tool standing upright, you can easily see the colors at a glance and store the tools as you like. Keep markers close at hand and brushes with their bristles up to prevent damage.

Tame your workspace with the best of 2022

Mont Martre Studio Tidy Holder


5. Stanley Removable 4 Cup Caddy

This caddy looks perfect on a desk, but it’s also meant to be worn whenever you want. A large handle extends from its center so you can pick it up while keeping your supplies divided into four cup-like compartments of equal size, organized. The sections are perfect for tools like pencils and glue sticks, but taller items like scissors for adults can look a little precarious, especially if you’re moving the caddy around. The cups have grooves in the base to hold them in place, but you can remove each one if you like, making this a great option when students need to share supplies.

Tame your workspace with the best of 2022

Removable Stanley 4 cup caddy


6. Seattle Three by Three Drawer Organizer

These trays are designed for drawers, but look good enough to display on a desktop. Arrange them however you like to create the custom organizer of your dreams. You get five open containers to store a range of items: two narrow ones that are perfect for pencils and rulers; similar to a trinket cube; and two rectangular ones, the larger of which can hold small notebooks. You can keep the trays together as a unit or use them in the studio as needed. Each is made of pewter, printed in bold color and has rubberized bottoms to prevent slipping.

Tame your workspace with the best of 2022

Three by Three Seattle Drawer Organizer


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