The 3 worst investment cars of the last year

You win some; you lose a little. Buyers of the worst investment cars on this list are probably cursing the day these cars entered the garage. You won’t find them in any classic car collection unless you know a very strange character who is terrible at investing.

The MG TD was the worst investment car of the last 12 months

1953 MG TD in Yellow | Photo by Rust/ullstein via Getty Images

According to, the 1950 to 1953 MG TD saw a -18% return on investment (ROI) over the past year. According to sales history, 66 MG TDs were sold in the previous 12 months. The lowest price was $7600 for a 1953 MG TD 4-Speed. It had 80,000 miles and a banjo style steering wheel. It was also left-hand drive! The most expensive sale came from a 1952 MG “Cisitalia” Special for $55,000. The MG TD was just one of 75 cars to lose value in the past year.

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