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July 5, 2022

The agreements signal ASU’s move into the military education space

The U.S. Naval Community College (USNCC) announced the selection of Arizona State University as its partner for the Pilot II Organizational Leadership Associate Degree Program on June 28, highlighting a newer area of ​​collaboration between ASU and the Department of Defense.

ASU’s DOD portfolio focuses largely on defense research, but a new path has recently emerged with the creation of educational programs to support the development of the military workforce, primarily through EdPlus—ASU’s digital teaching and learning enterprise. which houses ASU Online.

This latest initiative by the Navy will provide enlisted Sailors, Marines and Coast Guardsmen with a “Navy-related associate’s degree in organizational leadership that will directly contribute to the readiness of the Naval Services and put them on a path of lifelong learning.” life”.

“We are excited to expand educational opportunities for our servicemen and women in uniform with this new associate degree program,” said USNCC President Randy R. Cosentino. “This new degree program with an existing partner institution means that we have already established a foundation for the quality education we expect for our Sailors, Marines and Coast Guardsmen, and we can begin to work on focusing on the organizational leadership component of that education . “

Naval professionals who pursue an Associate of Arts in Organizational Leadership through USNCC will gain an in-depth understanding of leadership in organizations in all sectors—private, nonprofit, government, and military. They will develop skills necessary for problem solving, effective communication, program evaluation, resource management, and evaluation of emerging technologies. The degree will also have an established transfer pathway to a Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Leadership, as well as many other degrees through ASU.

“One important aspect that successful organizations typically have in common is competent, skilled leadership,” said Cheryl Hyman, ASU’s vice chancellor for academic alliances. “This program builds a leadership foundation that will benefit students whether they are in a leadership role now or will assume one in the future. They will learn useful skills applicable to any job or environment, regardless of their assigned role.”

This is the second Associate of Arts (AA) degree program between ASU and the Navy. On June 29, UNSCC announced the start of classes for its Pilot II Associate of Arts in Military Studies. Both parties entered into this agreement in October 2021.

“The U.S. Naval Community College understands the tremendous value of higher education and how it positively impacts those who pursue it,” Hyman said. “As the most innovative university in the U.S., known for its unwavering support of the Department of Defense, defense research, and our nation’s veterans, we are proud to work with USNCC to help educate their workforce.”

“We expect participants to gain a lot from this valuable program and hope that many will take advantage of this great opportunity.”

The Navy’s AA programs are primarily for enlisted members and eligible civilians. However, in 2020, ASU partnered with the US Air Force University to provide an online platform to provide professional military education to officers.

In April 2020, Air Force officers and civilians enrolled in the Squadron Officer School entered a new, innovative platform designed and operated by EdPlus. By the following month, over 1,600 students had successfully enrolled in the new system, completing over 750 courses.

ASU and Air University

Squadron Officer School is a professional military education requirement for all Air Force captains and certain civilians. Members must complete Squadron Officer School to remain eligible for continued service and/or promotion. School can be completed online or in person if chosen.

According to a press release from Air University Public Affairs, this is the first time a branch of the U.S. military has used a civilian university partner to deliver an officer professional military education.

“This is a unique partnership for the U.S. military, and I believe our students will truly benefit from the enhanced online educational experience it provides,” Lt. Gen. James Hecker, Air University commander and president, said in 2020 when the initiative was first announced.

In early June, ASU also entered into an agreement with the U.S. Space Force to establish future collaborations that could include research and education with the newest branch of the military.

“Our partnership with ASU today will pave the way for higher education and workforce development,” said Space Force Chief Technology Officer Lisa Costa during an agreement signing ceremony on the Tempe campus June 7.


In addition to all enrolled in Navy and Air Force programs, ASU’s Pat Tillman Veterans Center supports more than 10,500 military-related students pursuing graduate and undergraduate degrees on campus and online. These students include veterans, active duty service members, guardsmen, reservists, and family members using post-9/11 GI Bill benefits.

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Top photo courtesy of the US Navy

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