The behavioral health group is № 5 small employers in the Top Jobs for 2022

The Institute for Behavior Change is the 5th smallest employer in the best jobs for 2022.

Description: The Behavior Change Institute is an Alamogordo-based behavioral health agency that specializes in applied behavioral therapy for those diagnosed with autism and their families. BCI was founded in 2014 by Kathleen Karimi and Joy Pollard. This is the seventh consecutive year that the organization has placed on the list of the best jobs.

From the organization: “Our mission is to inspire hope and improve the health and well-being of those we serve through a constant commitment to excellence in everything we do. We are committed to facilitating, providing and improving access to high-quality treatment options for all communities, even those most remote. ”

From employees: One employee said she loved her job because “I can change the lives of the children I serve. I love the people I work with because I know I am valued and valued. My team is fantastic and I can work to my full potential, as well as take the necessary breaks to avoid burnout. “Another employee said:” I get support and encouragement to think outside the box and offer ideas to customers with the best service. BCI hears its employees. “

Following is an excerpt from an interview with Kathleen Karimi, co-founder of the Institute for Behavior Change, whose comments have been edited and shortened for length and clarity.

How has your organization’s culture helped you succeed over the past year?

“I think we worked very hard to put things back together and somehow get back to where we were before COVID. As COVID disrupted everything, we temporarily paused many personal engagement initiatives, many of our personal communication initiatives, and now that we are out of the woods, we have been able to engage the community again and start attending personal community events again, to connect personally with our community partners and then bring together our staff, which felt really, really great. Our staff managed to come back and engage in personal professional development, so let’s go back to conferences, seminars and still do some online, but not so much, I think it was really a positive change for everyone and really helped deal with much of the fair general isolation that I think people have experienced because of COVID. And then I think we’re just celebrating our sustainability, because we, even before COVID, offered telehealth services and integrated telehealth technology into the care of almost every patient. We were really proud of the fact that we were able to really mobilize and continue to care for our patients in the best possible way. I think there were a lot of companies in our area that had to close locations, lay off employees – and we didn’t cut any employees through all the interruptions we encountered during COVID.

How has your concept of maintaining a work-life balance as their employer changed?

“So we’ve always offered remote positions, and that really allows us to accommodate people at every stage of life. We have many people who work for us and have young children at home, so even before the pandemic we are proud to be able to offer a program for babies and children at work that allows employees to work in certain capacities with their children. Of course, with the pandemic and the children who do not go to school and kindergartens, we really had to displace the already existing program and expand it even more. And it really became clear to us how important it is to look at each employee as an individual with unique needs and to work together to understand where the employee comes from, what his needs are and to do everything possible to be a supportive factor and not stress factor in already tense times. We have included some – back in 2020 and continued this year – additional paid mental health days. These are days that we issue several times a year and are flexible, so employees do not have to use paid leave or sick time if they just need a break.

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