The business is booming for the creators of “Mama Water” from South Indiana

The popular canned cocktail, which began as a holiday creation, is now a multi-million dollar business.

INDIANAPOLIS – Jill Morrison could never have imagined that her holiday creation would become a company for millions of dollars.

“I still think back and think, ‘Maybe people will like it.’ We hope people like it, “said Jill. “I had no idea. It became something of a cult we didn’t expect.”

Jill talks about Mama Water, a vodka drink she invented for all intents and purposes four years ago.

“We were on vacation in the Dominican Republic and I was trying to find something other than fruity, sweet sweet drinks,” Jill said. “I found some fruit-soaked water at the bar, asked the bartender to just put some vodka in my glass, and found that I liked fruit-soaked water with vodka.”

The only problem was that Jill couldn’t find her new favorite drink when she got home to Indiana.

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“I went back to the United States, I tried to find something like that, and I couldn’t find it in the ready-to-use box,” she said. “I’m starting to order it in bars and I’ve had a tendency to have a drink that’s heavy on vodka and light on water. swimming pool.

Jill wrote her drink, Mama Water, to let her children know it wasn’t for them.

“One of our children accidentally grabbed one, and I said to myself, ‘Oh, no!’ This is MY water! ”Jill said,“ So I took a black magic marker and started writing “Mama Water” on all my bottles. So it became a joke to run around the pool. “Are you drinking water or is it Mom’s water?” He was born a few months later.

She became so popular at their family reunions in South Indiana that Jill approached her husband Bryce with a great idea.

“I said, ‘Let’s do this because I like it and I couldn’t find it anywhere,'” Jill said.

“I think I said ‘You’re crazy,'” Bryce joked.

Jill and Bryce had no experience in mass production of alcoholic beverages three years ago. At the time, they were both working in healthcare.

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“I didn’t even know what the ‘three-tier system’ was, and I didn’t even know what a distributor was to the alcohol industry,” Bryce said. “We didn’t know anything. Mostly our family, friends and parents said to each other, ‘You’re crazy.’ What are you doing? You get into alcohol and you don’t know anything about it. ”

Fortunately for the Morrisons, Bryce and Jill learned quickly. After receiving Mom’s water in cans, she took off.

“Every week we say, ‘This was the craziest week.’ There’s no way next week is going to be crazier! And that’s it! “Bryce said.” When we started last year, I mean I did erupt. Demand continues to rise to the sky, which is surreal. The amount of demand is out of the charts and even from consumers, but also now all the big chains like your Targets and Walmarts, Krogers and Meijers – just keep going! “

Sports teams are clinging to Mom Water, trying to attract fans. The company is now an official partner of both the Indiana Pacers and the Dallas Mavericks.

“We talked to every major sporting league, from the PGA to the NHL to the MLS to the NFL,” Bryce said.

And according to Mom, Jill and Bryce named their four tastes: Linda, Karen, Sandy, and Julie, which was Jill’s idea.

“We are trying to stay innovative in an industry that is difficult to innovate,” Bryce said. “Our only short-term goal is to want to be sold in all 50 states. We don’t think the international market is out of the equation.”

Mom Water is currently on sale in 10 states and that number could double next year – not bad for a holiday creation that is less than four years old.

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