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NETHERLANDS – For Christie Dubois, buying Omnibus Home Health Care was something from God.

Business partner and CFO Mitchell Vicnear worked to become a deacon in his church and wanted to do some kind of ministry, she said. The plan was for them to buy Omnibus and, while assessing patients, ask about their religious preferences. From there, they would make a list of those who wanted to go out and pray with the patients.

Then COVID struck and the plan changed.

“We took a different path than we expected,” Dubois said. “It simply came to our notice then. We managed to touch a lot of people in different ways than we planned. That was not our plan. That was God’s plan. “

Omnibus Home Health Care offers a range of services such as qualified nurses, home health care assistants, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, IV transfusions, medication settings, health education, wound care and social services.

“The omnibus means caring for everyone,” Vicneir said. “We take care of the whole person, and with that comes the family. You don’t just care about the patient. And when you’re in their home, they let you in, for example, and you have a lot of opportunities to help the people around you. “

Omnibus has 25 staff between nurses and staff and approximately 150 patients. The team members work with many different doctors and try to make patients as independent as possible.

“Our goal is to get them back to where they were or better,” Wickneyr said.

Omnibus Home Health Officer manager Shari Grones, left, measures Jerri Shute’s blood pressure. (Mary Moe / The News)

Establishing a relationship with the patient is crucial to the care provided. The nurse sees the patient and learns his specific needs.

There is a lack of knowledge in some people who pay, have diabetes or high blood pressure and find it difficult to follow a diet, but home health care at home repeats every week what to do, Wickneir said.

Omnibus launched in Port Arthur and moved to its current location at 1455 SUS 69 in the Netherlands behind The Schooner Restaurant in September 2020.

Since then, there has been COVID, the TPC explosion, the flood with Imelda and others, which has prevented them from reaching their patients.

“I am so proud of my nurses. “They contacted everyone, so at least we knew where they were and what their plan was,” Wickneir said. “We are trying to help them before these things happen. Fortunately, we have contingency plans in place and we can contact someone to make sure they are safe.

Omnibus Home Health is located at 1455 SUS 69, Nederland, behind The Schooner restaurant. (Mary Moe / The News)

Omnibus is working to take an additional step by identifying patient needs. For example, they may need groceries, so Omnibus will take them in the right direction.

Jennifer Stirling, director of nursing, is another part of the team. Her job responsibilities include monitoring nurses, ensuring that they coordinate with doctors, keeping up-to-date information on education, and any updates that come from the Centers for Disease Control.

There are virtual conferences to discuss patients’ cases two weeks before the need for re-certification.

And here is the human touch.

Some patients may not see another person for a week, other than their nurse, and the nurse needs to know what that person needs.

“Sometimes they need a friend. Sometimes they have to cry on your shoulder, and sometimes they have to be told, “Hey, you have to stop eating all this salt,” Sterling said.

Home health is also up to date with the patient’s medication. Sterling said you may have a patient who had medication from a primary care physician but went to the emergency room and was prescribed medication there, then visited their sister and saw her doctor and received more medications for which their a primary care physician does not know.

Omnibus Home Health accepts all insurance and has a person on duty 24/7.

The office can be found at 409-724-7000.

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