The Department of Health is announcing the winners of the state high school science competition

OLYMPIA – The Washington State Department of Health (DOH) congratulates the winners of the first annual competition for youth research on the Washington Tracking Network (WTN).

The WTN Youth Science Contest is an opportunity for high school students in Washington State to develop their scientific and communication skills by engaging with health and environmental data from their own communities.

Second place winner Christina Jones, a ninth-grader at the Holy Names Academy in Seattle, said: “Through this experience in the WTN Youth Science Competition, we learned so many invaluable life skills and adopted a community-oriented perspective. for life. “

The winning projects ranged from scientific articles to poems and were divided into three areas: health science, community engagement and scientific communication. The winning projects were selected on the basis of their content, impact on health and equity and presentation. Each track was evaluated separately by the relevant DOH experts.

Jennifer Sabel, WTN’s manager, said: “We designed the competition to be more attractive than traditional science competitions because we wanted all students to understand how science and justice could be about their interests.

All winning projects can be viewed on the WTN website (English only). Information about students and school may be suppressed at the request of a student and / or parent.

Health science:

Individual division

1st place – The link between tourism and melanoma in the state of Washington, by Saisha Lakkoju, Bothell High School

2nd place (draw) – Mental Health of Young People in Washington State, by Cherry Suzuki, Interlake High School

2nd place (equality) – The association between air stagnation and the incidence of melanoma in Washington and racial mismatch in melanoma care, by Jamie K.

3rd place – The connection between ACEs and addiction, by Xingjian Ma, Pullman High School

Group division

1st place – Poverty and Disability in Washington State, by Anhita Satanur, Ikshita Satanur and Meha Shah, Eastlake High School

2nd place – Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) in Washington, DC, by Connor Wakefield, Dakota P. and a student who wishes not to be named, Shorecrest High School

Community commitment:

Individual division

1st place – Mental health of adolescents in Washington, DC, by Minso Kim, Shorewood High School

2nd place – STI for young adults, from Simon Feist, St. George’s School

3rd place – Test yourself, get treated, by Rachel Collarmalil, Liberty High School

Group division

1st place – the English support network, by Anhita Satanur, Ikshita Satanur and Meha Shah, Eastlake High School

2nd place – Washington, working for everyone: Transport Reform, by Christina Jones and Jonnika Kuon, Academy of Holy Names

3rd place – Breast Cancer Screening, by Sarah Feng and Gretchen Forsythe, Shorewood High School

Scientific communication:

Individual division

1st place – Passive Smoking PSA, by Jonah Chesnut, Shorecrest High School

2nd place – Smoking causes lung cancer PSA, by Jazmin Austria-Ball, Shorecrest High School

Group division

1st place – Fentanyl Facts, by Ankhita Sathanur, Ikshita Sathanur and Meha Shah, Eastlake High School

2nd place – Toxic Survival, by Flora Cummings and Laila Higgins, Shorecrest High School

3rd place – Project for communication of the science of asthma for teenagers, from Sofia Villa Vignali, Mila and Brian K., Shorecrest High School

WTN is a DOH program that makes public health data more accessible. WTN’s mission is to provide health and environmental data and tools, develop partnerships, and inform data-based policy and program decisions to improve health and health justice in Washington.

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