The Dubai Investment Fund (DIF) announces the establishment of an ESG Investment Department

DIF will monitor global and local ESG markets to discover promising investment opportunities and stay abreast of this new trend.

DUBAIUAE, July 5, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Dubai Investment Fund (DIF), one of the largest global independent investment funds and asset manager that effectively manages financial resources by diversifying into new asset classes, today announced the creation of an ESG Investment Department.

Dubai Investment Fund (DIF)

“Investing in areas that will bring not only profits, but also long-term benefits for the entire community is one of our core principles. Today we are taking another step forward by announcing the creation of a new department specifically dedicated to ESG Investment. The term ESG has gained popularity in the last two years and now represents one of the main trends in the financial and corporate world.”– said Eustace Osborne, head of ESG’s new investment division, and added: “ESG is generally understood as an ‘ethical investment strategy.’ The core values ​​denoted by this acronym are environment, sustainability and stewardship. In fact, this means that profit is not the most important metric anymore. There are other things to consider: environmental and social impact, work culture, accounting and transparency in decision-making. We have always used similar criteria when choosing the next investment area or building partnerships, but now we will do so on a more systematic basis. This area of ​​investing is developing rapidly. We can already see several ESG funds on the market that focus their strategy not on a specific industry or technology, but on companies from multiple fields that follow ESG principles. The strategy is ethical and practical at the same time: without a doubt, sustainable and transparent companies have more chances to develop stably in the long term, providing more value for successor investors.”

ESG’s investment department will perform several functions, including:

  • Developing accurate and reliable ESG rating assessment methods based on existing guidelines and our own research and experience.

  • Researching related areas, such as “green investing” and “ethical investing” in general, and using the data to improve and update our strategy.

  • Incorporating ESG investing principles as part of our long-term strategy.

  • Monitoring global and local ESG markets to discover promising investment opportunities and stay on top of this new trend.

  • Advising our clients on ethical investment topics and providing advice tailored to their approach.

“We believe that paying attention to the factors mentioned above is essential for any business strategy that tries to be sustainable and future-proof. Our new ESG investment department will provide us with all the data we need to implement this approach into a practical strategy that will deliver stable returns for our clients.” – he added Eustace Osborne.

About the Dubai Investment Fund (DIF)

Established in 2001, Dubai Investment Fund (DIF) is one of the largest global independent investment funds, founded to efficiently manage financial resources through diversification into new asset classes and growth-oriented investments.

DIF engages in private equity and asset management for 7,200+ private and institutional investors in 61 countries with over $300 billion in assets under management.

The DIF structure is designed to operate at the highest levels of global investment. As a world-class investor and asset manager, DIF adheres to the strictest financial and commercial disciplines and has extensive experience in investing across a range of economic sectors and various asset classes, including retail, manufacturing, energy, financial services, healthcare, technology, media, real estate, listed securities, alternative assets and private equity in all major global markets. DIF seeks socially, economically and environmentally attractive investment opportunities and goes beyond short-term returns as DIF seeks balanced and sustainable growth to maximize long-term returns.

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