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MAYFIELD – Football was the perfect choice for high school seniors in Mayfield, UK Goodemote – a sport that punishes a fielder for touching a soccer ball with his hands – because the farewell star of Mayfield and the star of three sports has had his hands full throughout his high school career .

Goodemote scored 30 goals and made nine assists for the Section II Class C football champions. He was the first all-star in the Western Athletic Conference for Big School boys and the Panthers leader in points, assists, wrestling and stolen thefts during his senior season. In the spring, Goodemote won the triple jump, long jump and ran in the 400m relay team in the WAC League Championship – and was ranked No. 1 in the senior class with a 100 percent average.

“I think sports help you fit everything because it almost forces you to manage your time wiser,” Goodemote said. “When you have a smaller block of time, it’s more important to know how to use it and fit all your work into that time.”

He was grateful to return to his busy daily schedule in his senior year at Mayfield High School.

“During COVID without sports, there is so much time that I don’t know what to do with it,” Goodemote said. “Then you can start things later than you expect and it’s not that easy.”

Athlete time management is not a new concept created by Goodemote, but it has been passed on to it.

“I would like to thank my parents and teachers for inspiring me to do everything before the deadline and to try to participate in as many extracurricular programs as possible at the same time,” Goodemote said.

The star of three sports is also planning his upcoming tasks in the classroom.

“I try to keep track during class, write down what I have to do for everyone, and then look ahead,” Goodemote said. “If I have a workout or a game, I use the time around it to finish the job. There is still time to do other things outside of school with friends; you can still be quite spontaneous if you do all the work for the time you have. “

Goodemote is not only efficient with its tasks, its 100 percent average is equal to its passion for accuracy.

“I’m not a complete perfectionist, but I like to study and do my best,” Goodemote said. “I like to keep reviewing everything I have until I realize that I have no mistakes in a project.”

He equated his perfectionism with sports.

“You are trying to improve your shooting form or your own [high jump] jumping shape, “said Goodemote. “I just keep doing it over and over until I feel like he’s as good as you can be.”

Goodemote’s commitment to his work in the classroom was not ridiculed by his teammates, but imitated by them.

“I have a lot of supportive teammates here and I think all the teams I’ve been on have over 95 percent of the average team,” Goodemote said. “They’re right with me.”

The focus on academia has become a smarter, better game on the field for Goodemote and its Panther teammates.

“If you’re involved in the classroom, you’re also more likely to be fully committed to the team,” Goodemote said. “You are less likely to have someone who is there some days and not others. Everyone is completely committed and with that we managed to bring two titles to the Mayfield sections. “

Goodemote will be attending the University of Castleton with a degree in business management. He took a full set of AP courses and took advantage of offering first-year courses at Fulton-Montgomery Community College.

“This should allow me to finish a year earlier if I want, or take a lighter workload in class if I want,” Goodemote said. “I can also go for five years and get a master’s degree.”

Goodemote is committed to competing only for the Spartans outdoor team in the spring – college football remains an option.

“If I really miss football, then I’ll talk to their coach and at least try again early next year,” Goodemote said.

While he was still working on his farewell speech for graduation day, Gudemote, a student-athlete in a few words, was ready to share a few thoughts.

“Try to get involved in as many things as possible and finish everything in the best way possible,” Goodemote said. “I’ll just leave it at that.”

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