The Farr Side: We remember the best summer songs

Today I went for a drive, something I usually do when I need to clear my head a bit. Just me, the open road, wind in my hair and some tunes, of course.

I was listening to an old “American Top 40” countdown by Casey Kassem. This time it was from this week in 1987. God, the 80s were the best for music. Anyway, Casey was in the Top 3 when my mind started to remember what would have been #1. I remember things like that pretty well. “Shakedown” (Bob Seeger) was at #3 this week. I remember this like it was yesterday, even the little story Casey told about how the song was originally supposed to be recorded by Glenn Frey, except he was sick at the time. The song was given to Seger and ended up being his only No. 1 hit. That sounds even more absurd today than it did then. How could Bob Seeger, with all his hits, never be #1 until “Shakedown” from the Beverly Hills II soundtrack came along?

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