The Government of Canada is investing over $2.4 million to support the development of meat processing technology

WATERLOO, ON, November 7, 2022 /CNW/ – Across the country, businesses are developing innovative technologies to improve productivity and food supply, and P&P Optica Inc. is one example. The company has developed an intelligent imaging system for the automatic control of meat on the production line.

Today, on behalf of the Minister of Agriculture and Food, the Honorable Marie-Claude Bibeau, Member of Parliament for Bardish Chagger, announced $2,430,023 for P&P Optica Inc. through the AgriInnovate program to help build and demonstrate its innovative, Canadian-made food inspection technology for meat processors.

The system analyzes the composition of the food, evaluating properties such as softness, freshness and the protein, water and fat content. It can detect imperfections and eliminate foreign bodies such as plastic, bones and rubber. These tasks are performed right on the production line in real time, generating information for processors to use to help improve their products, manage suppliers and optimize production.

This investment will support P&P Optica Inc. to build demonstration units that allow them to present their technology to potential users. The mission of P&P Optica Inc. is to help processors improve the safety and quality of their products, make food supplies more sustainable and reduce food waste.

The investment will also build a demonstration room to optimize their technology for use by potential meat processing customers. This hyperspectral imaging technology assesses the safety and freshness of meat products by analyzing color and moisture. It also provides a large set of data to processors.

Investing in automated inspection technologies like P&P Optica Inc.’s intelligent imaging system. creates new market opportunities, grows the economy and keeps the Canadian meat industry sustainable.


of Canada processors adopt new technologies to increase production and offer quality products to the country and the world. The technology of P&P Optica Inc. gives processors essential information that provides many benefits, including helping to reduce food waste. Our government is committed to investing in innovative projects that support the long-term growth and success of our agriculture and food sector.”
– The Honorable Marie-Claude Bibeau, Minister of Agriculture and Food

“I applaud P&P Optica Inc. for her leadership in the development of rapid real-time technology for meat quality assessment. The company is not only an innovator in Canada and internationally as well is a community leader right here Waterloo. Our support for the company’s innovative approach will help meat processors improve quality and sustainability.”
– The Honorable Bardish Chagar, Member of Parliament for Waterloo

“P&P Optica Inc. is grateful for the support of the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Food through the AgriInnovate program. PPO focuses on working with food processors to improve the safety and quality of our food supply while reducing waste. We are excited about the opportunity to promote our automated inspection system, already operating in US plants, to Canadian meat processors. We believe that the Canadian meat industry, already a global leader in quality products, can further increase our competitive advantage by leveraging technologies such as PPO’s intelligent imaging system.”
– Olga PavluchikCEO, PandP optics Inc.

Fast facts

  • The AgriInnovate program aims to accelerate the commercialisation, adoption and/or demonstration of innovative products, technologies, processes or services that increase the competitiveness and sustainability of the sector.
  • P&P Optica Inc.’s intelligent imaging system. uses physics to understand food chemistry, telling processors what’s in their products.

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