The grant will support mental health services in East Grand Rapids schools

EAST GRAND RAPIDS, MICIGAN (WOOD) – The East Grand Rapids Public School District is receiving a $ 750,000 grant to help meet students’ mental health needs.

Thanks to donors, the East Grand Rapids Schools Foundation will provide mental health services in all five district schools serving kindergartens up to 12th grade. The money will be spent during the first three years of the program, but the district plans to continue these services permanently.

Amy Stewrsma, the foundation’s executive director and former teacher, says our children are our greatest resources.

“Not just children in the East Grand Rapids, children in our country, children in our world,” Stuursma told WOOD TV8 Live Desk on Monday morning. “It is our duty as adults to provide the support they need to be able to make the greatest contribution to our community, near and far. And if we can start by supporting them at an early age and giving them strategies, tactics and tools, we want to fill their toolbox so that they can be the best they can be. ”

The foundation will fund a new wellness coordinator to directly support high school students and social workers from K-8, an additional part-time social worker in high school and materials, supplies and training for all K-12 staff and students.

Once the program is introduced, the equivalent of six full-time employees will be dedicated to social work on a daily basis. The Wellness Coordinator will provide interventions for high school students and provide leadership to K-12 social work staff.

“We know that our teachers have been asked … to do a lot outside of their curriculum,
Stuursma ais. “This is another layer for our staff. We want to make sure that the wellness coordinator is there to support staff training and teacher learning, to ensure that these interventions are successful for students and accessible.

A presentation on the “big check” is scheduled for 6 pm on Monday at the school council meeting at the Learning Commons at East Grand Rapids High School, 2211 Lake Drive.

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