The Human Bean Cafe has officially opened its doors

Coffee lovers in Dawson County now have another opportunity to satisfy their craving. Human Bean’s new location in Dawson is officially open for business and provides a wide range of espresso, coffee, tea and other beverages to the community, all available through the storefront or window.

The Human Bean offers a wide range of coffee drinks, teas, smoothies and more.
– photo by Erica Jones

The cafe opened last weekend, and the Dawson County Chamber of Commerce held an official ribbon cutting ceremony for the new business on August 9. Aaron Nickelson, who opened the store with his business partner Justin Fitzhugh and their wives Megan and Olivia, said they’ve seen and heard a lot of excitement from the community since the store opened.

“It was amazing; We’ve been very impressed and happy with the community turnout, the support that we’ve had,” Nickelson said. “It was busy; it’s just phenomenal. And all the credit goes to our staff; they were amazing getting us through it.”

Human Bean offers an extensive drink menu, including all the cafe staples such as espresso-based drinks, lattes, cappuccinos and mochas. The menu also includes several house specialties, such as the Snow Mocha, a Ghirardelli white chocolate mocha; “Mexi Mocha”, chocolate mocha with cinnamon; and Granita, a frozen espresso drink.


On August 9, the Dawson County Chamber of Commerce held an official ribbon cutting ceremony for The Human Bean.
– photo by Erica Jones

“We have a very broad menu; obviously the coffee is the specialty and it all starts with the highest quality coffee beans, the origin of everything,” Nickelson said. “Anything that’s espresso-based can be made cold, hot or blended, and you can customize each one with different flavors, caramels, vanillas, all of that. Then we have a variety of fruit smoothie flavors, we do different teas and energy drinks – and they can all be customized with flavors.”

One of the things that sets The Human Bean’s menu apart, Nickelson said, is the wide range of sugar-free options available. While many coffee shops only offer one or two sugar-free options, The Human Bean offers between 15 and 20 sugar-free options.

Although the cafe is mostly drive-thru, it also offers a walk-in option for those who prefer to park and order at the window. The store will also soon add delivery services, including DoorDash, Grubhub and UberEats, making it even easier for customers to satisfy their coffee cravings.


In addition to coffee drinks, Human Bean offers a wide range of other drinks such as smoothies and teas.
– photo by Erica Jones

“We’re trying to ultimately be a gourmet coffee company that serves you quickly,” Nickelson said.

The Human Bean was originally founded in Oregon, and local franchisees like Nickelson have since picked up the franchise across the country. Nickelson, who also co-owns the Cumming location, said Dawsonville was a natural next step for him and his partner to launch their newest store.

“It’s close to Cumming, it allows us to cross-resource with the other store, and we just felt like it was a market that was growing like crazy, so getting into the growth was important to us,” Nickelson said. “And it’s been phenomenal so far.”

The name Human Bean, a play on both the phrase “human being” and the coffee bean, is representative of a “community-oriented mentality that treats everyone as a good human bean,” he added. As part of The Human Bean, he and his business partner and their families operate under the same mentality, putting their customers first and hiring the best staff who will also put their customers first.


The Human Bean is located at 320 South 400 Center Lane in Dawson.
– photo by Erica Jones

“After all, what the name is built on is that it is the kind and good human nipple; it’s really at the heart of everything we do,” Nickelson said. “I hire with this motto: customer service is at the top of our list, but it’s not something we want to teach, so we want people who work for us and who really care about other people. And when that’s the attitude people have about the job, it makes it that much better for us to be able to treat our customers the way we want to be treated.”

The Human Bean is located at 320 South 400 Center Lane in Dawsonville and is open 6am to 8pm Monday through Saturday and 7am to 7pm on Sunday. For more information about The Human Bean, go to

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