The human target is back in a perfect new noir cover

A new cover by Greg Smallwood irritates the return of Tom King’s The Human Target. Human Goal # 7 will be released on September 27.

Perfect new cover for The human goal irritates the return of the hit maxiseries of DC Black Label. The live cover of the seventh issue irritates the return of a character who is implied to be a major player in the rest of the noir series.

The human goal follows Christopher Chance, a bodyguard who appears to his clients in an attempt to protect them from murder and other acts of violence. When Chance takes the place of Lex Luther’s assassination attempt, he unknowingly ingests a deadly poison destined for Luther himself. He has 12 days left to live, and Chance has set out to discover his killer before his untimely death. All indications are that his killer is among a group of superpowers: the International Justice League. Chance began investigating the team before quickly contacting JLI member Tora Olafsdottir, also known as Ice. Unfortunately for him, several clues point to Chance Beatrice da Costa, also known as Fire, JLI’s Ice partner.


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Author Tom King revealed the cover of artist Greg Smallwood for The human goal №7 on Twitter on June 16, announcing the return date of the series in September. The 12-episode series, nominated for 2022 by Eisner for Best New Series, released its sixth issue in March before taking a short break. Along with the unveiling of Tom King’s cover of Smallwood on Twitter, DC released covers of Stanley’s “Artgerm” Lau and Francesco Mattina. All three covers show the return of the Ice Fire partner, as irritated at the end of The human goal №6.

Human Target boasted impeccable art from Greg Smallwood during his short cycle and this cover is no different. The frequent use of shadows by Smallwood emphasizes the noir style of the series, emphasizing Chance as a cynical detective character. The color scheme of Ice, depicting the character with white hair and often decorated in light blue, provides a cooling contrast to the boiling romance of the couple. The appearance of Fire on the cover, providing a stark contrast to the appearance of her partner Ice, promises new energy for the series, as it outlines the bright green flames of the superhero against a yellow and orange door. After The human goal №6 ended with Fire’s arrival at Chance’s office, the cover irritates a confrontation between the two that could change the course of the investigation.

The cover, brightly colored but full of alluring shadows, is another flawless work of art by Smallwood that feels at home with DC’s new noir series. This is a beautiful depiction of Fire, which literally and metaphorically promises that the heat will rise for Christopher Chance in the last few days of his life in the remaining editions of the series.

The human goal №7 will be released on September 27, with the first 6 issues of the series to be released in a hardcover collection two weeks earlier on September 13.

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