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Owner Whitman of Tupper Lake, left, and Grant Godin try to play with the ball during Saturday’s Class D baseball game against Crown Point at Platzburg High School. (Company photo – Parker O’Brien)

PLATSBURG – After winning the Section 10 Class D championship on Tuesday, the historic season of the Tupper Lake baseball team was greeted with a broken heart on Saturday.

The Lumberjacks’ promising clash in the state’s Class D playoffs ended as the team fell 2-0 to the Crown Point Panthers in a regional playoff game at Plattsburgh High School.

With the victory, the Panthers advanced to the D-Class Final Four to face Deposit / Hancock in Binghamton on Saturday. However, the loggers ended their season with a total of 14-5.

“I guess next year starts today for us, instead of next week.” That’s what Tapper Lake head coach Dan Brown said. “But we will be right on top of Section 10 Baseball every year for the foreseeable future, and that is our goal.”

Crown Point’s pitcher, Noah Spaulding, turned out to make the difference by ending a foul on Tupper Lake, which recorded 35 runs in their three-game playoffs. Spaulding not only prevented the Lumberjacks from scoring a goal, but also threw without a striker in the process, killing 13 batteries.

Carpen Keniston of Tupper Lake threw the field during Saturday’s regional Class D baseball game against Crown Point at Platzburg High School. (Company photo – Parker O’Brien)

“Spaulding, he’s a great pitcher on the mound there,” said Brown. “Obviously he got the best of us.

Carter Keniston and Luke Robillard were the only two Tapper Lake strikers to reach base. Keniston was bypassed twice and was reached in a game error while Robillard reached base after being hit from the pitch.

“I wish we could hit the ball a little better” said Brown. “It’s always hard when the other team doesn’t hit the ball past your outfield players and you give up running. We came quite excited to play today and we didn’t succeed. “

Crown Point’s two runs came early in the game with a ball, the first of which came at the end of the first inning, when the team scored in an RBI double with two outs from Evan Carey. In the second base run from Panthers he managed to score a goal in a mistake when throwing the Lumberjack and made the score 2-0.

Keniston, a freshman, won the loss to Tapper Lake, but despite the loss, he still showed a solid performance. Keniston hit nine Panthers, conceding just six goals in six innings.

Tuffin Lake’s Griffin Shahin swung at the ball during Saturday’s regional Class D baseball game against Crown Point at Platsburg High School. (Company photo – Parker O’Brien)

Although the season ended with a painful note, the future looks bright for the Lumberjacks, who have a relatively young team.

“We have a core of five sophomores, two freshmen and two high school seniors. A few teenagers here and there ” said Brown. “It stinks that we lost today, but we know we will be back here next year. This is not the only time we will play in a national regional match. “

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