The Josh Hader trade between the Padres-Brewers signals more moves ahead

Here’s a trade term logic puzzle. One team is an obvious contender — first in its division and poised for a fifth straight playoff appearance. There are a few games of breathing room, but not much, and there are a few clear areas that his front office needs to address. The team could stand to add more offense. Outfield would be useful. And of course, what challenger doesn’t want a little extra tilt depth?

Instead, it’s the team’s first big move of Deadline Week: It’s trading away its All-Star closer for another playoff hopeful. He’s among the best in the game — currently leading baseball in saves despite a recent period of uncharacteristic wobble — with a year and a half until he hits free agency. In return, this team receives that the team’s closer, a pitcher reclamation project and two prospects.

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