The leader in the SBA insurance industry has launched a new company

Bailey Enterprises Holding will offer extended offers to small businesses.

TAMPA , June 22, 2022 / PRNewswire / – Charles Baileyowner of The Bailey Group, Tampa, launched a new insurance company that will offer an expanded menu of insurance and HR services to small business owners across the country. The new company, Bailey Enterprises Holding, Inc. (BEH), is an insurance company licensed in Florida this will build on Bailey’s well-earned reputation as the business owner’s leading life insurance provider needed for SBA loans.

“I’m proud of the work we’ve done so far and the company we’ve built,” Bailey said. “Our technology has changed the way commercial lenders issue SBA loans by making it easier for their borrowers to get the life insurance they need and for lenders to have regular coverage reports for their borrowers. We will now expand our offerings to be a more complete partner for both small businesses and the financial institutions that serve them. “

Bailey says the new company builds on the trust the Bailey Group has gained from its national customer base and will allow it to provide them with additional resources and access to organizations that will allow them to grow and protect their business and maintain it. your best talents. BEH will provide services through its own portfolio of companies, other companies it acquires, and through strategic partnerships.

Brier Grieves insurance (BGI) will be the first agency to partner strategically with the new insurance company. BGI is a family business that has been operating successfully for 30 years and provides all the business proposals for property and accident insurance required to approve a new loan from the SBA. The company offers General Liability, Business Property, Business Interruption, Danger and Worker Compensation insurance, all of which are now available through BEH. They are licensed in more than forty states and serve customers nationwide.

In the near future, BEH will provide small business owners with a range of outsourcing and administrative services for human resources, including human resources, employee income, salaries and the administration of employee benefits. The company is currently in discussions with suppliers of the best breeds to become strategic partners.

“The aim is to provide a one-stop shop for small and medium-sized enterprises and the financial institutions that serve them,” Bailey said. “Dealing with multiple suppliers to protect and manage their businesses is not effective. Finding a trusted partner can be difficult and time consuming. The industry already knows my company. Commercial lenders want to streamline their new lending process by directing their customers to a trusted partner for all the coverage needed to qualify for a new loan. We are now able to offer them this. “

For more information about the new company or its products, send an email [email protected] and
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About The Bailey Group
Charles Bailey has been a professional in the financial services industry since 1996. In 2003, Bailey saw the need for a new business model to accelerate the process of acquiring life insurance for business owners who receive loans from the SBA. He founded The Bailey Group as a company that uses its links with banking leaders to offer life insurance with fast approvals, excellent service and competitive prices for business owners across the country. Initially, he began his career with Mutual of new York, and subsequently moved its business in 2005 to its current broker-dealer, which is now Equitable Advisors. Learn more at

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