The Muskegon program inspires a new health care bill

MUSKEGON, Michigan (WOOD) – U.S. Representative Bill Heizenga, R-Zeeland, is introducing a bill that he says will “reduce the number of uninsured through a hospital-run community coverage option.”

Huizenga is pushing for new healthcare legislation based on what he calls a “successful program” in Muskegon County.

Access: Health works as a multi-sharing program that distributes health care costs between the individual, the employer and the health care provider.

Huizenga said he hopes to turn the three shares into four shares, involving the federal government to help cover part of the cost.

The bill the congressman is presenting is a pilot program that will run for four years. Three to five sites across the country will partner with the federal government to share the costs between the four countries.

He believes this is an “innovative way to tackle a real problem”, which he says is who should provide health care, who is covered and what is covered.

“In fact, I think it’s a great approach because it puts the skin in the game for everyone involved: the health care provider, the person being covered, the sponsoring organization … and then the federal government. “We know this will save money, but more importantly, it will provide care,” Huizenga said.

Earlier, he introduced the bill and decided to reintroduce it in hopes of gaining more power.

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