The new ZVOX soundtrack features voice-clarity technology that disrupts the industry, so you can hear every word of TV dialogue

The ZVOX AV355 features 12 levels of patented AccuVoice technology, a neodymium-powered virtual subwoofer, voice assistant compatibility and realistic virtual surround sound.
In addition, it is only 2.2 “tall with three stylish grille color options.

SWAMPSCOT, Massachusetts,, June 29, 2022 / PRNewswire / – ZVOX, the industry leader in dialogue clarification technology, introduced a freshly designed ultra-thin soundtrack, AV355. This subwoofer is the latest in ZVOX’s best-selling line AccuVoice® TV speakers. The soundbar offers six levels of the company’s patented hearing aid technology, which raises voices from the rest of the soundtrack, as well as six levels of its new SuperVoice technology that “softens” background sounds so as not to interfere with the intelligibility of the voice. Unlike competing products, ZVOX algorithms amplify and clarify voices without significantly changing the volume or tone of other parts of the soundtrack. The AV355 is now available on’s and for $ 199.99.

The AV355 includes digital and analog input options, so it works with almost any TV. The big, captivating sound is generated by three high-performance speakers with powerful neodymium magnets, along with “virtual subwoofer” technology for extra bass. It also includes another distinctive innovation of ZVOX, hers Output equalization a feature that instantly tames strong ads. The speaker is compatible with voice assistant, so users can connect it to Amazon® echo® products. Finally, ZVOX’s PhaseCue® virtual surround technology delivers room-filling 3D sound from this compact soundbar measuring 24 “wx 2.2” hx 3.5 “d. The AV355 is housed in a sleek, black molded body with a colored steel grille available in black, bronze or graphite.

The AV355 is specially designed to blend seamlessly and effortlessly with the user’s current home entertainment system. For the complete convenience of the user, it can be easily programmed to work with any remote control. The unobtrusive but elegant molded cabinet is sturdy and light, with a large, easy-to-read display that makes setting up and operating quick. And with only 24 “width and 2.2” height, the AV355 fits anywhere and is easy to install on top, below or next to any flat screen TV.

Well-known CEO of ZVOX Tom Hannacher. “Our own AccuVoice technology is the ‘gold standard’ for clear voice reproduction. We have implemented a number of techniques used in the world of audiology to make dialogue easy to understand, even at low volume. But the AV355 also features music and great movie soundtracks. Neodymium speakers create great, high-precision sound, including surprising bass from a slim, stylish body that fits under most TVs. “

ZVOX: A new kind of hearing company.

Dedicated to improving and discovering hearing solutions for more than 18 years, ZVOX was founded in 2003 by two longtime veterans in consumer electronics. From its inception as a traditional home theater speaker company, ZVOX soon gained success and industry recognition for its line of critically acclaimed sound bars and SoundBase. In 2014, ZVOX introduced a remarkable technology that will change the company’s focus and establish it as an unsurpassed leader in improving the clarity of dialogue. ZVOX’s patented AccuVoice technology uses advanced algorithms to mimic hearing aid function, leading to a dramatically new level of dialogue enhancement and voice clarity. With the launch of its AV200 AccuVoice TV speaker, ZVOX has created a new category of dialogue clarifying audio tapes, speakers and headphones and found a wider audience among over fifty-five demographers and users with mild hearing loss. Today, ZVOX offers a variety of hearing-related products, including speakers, wireless headphones and hearing aids. Located in Swampscott, MAZVOX sells through, Amazon, the Home Shopping Network and select retailers, including Magnolia stores within Best Buy locations.

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