The Orion Technology Summit in Armenia brings together local unicorns

Orion technological summit in Armenia

“Armenia has great potential for success in the field of information technology,” said both the organizers of the Orion Summit and its participants.

The founders and representatives of foreign technology giants arrived to participate in the meeting.

The event is organized by the Orion World Center for Innovation for Startup Growth and Related Ecosystems.

The Orion Summit is being held for the first time. The purpose of the technology meeting is to support Armenian startups and give them the opportunity to meet with the largest technology companies in the world.

During the conference the most current topics for the development of the IT sector and the techno sector were discussed. The summit participants paid special attention to the possibilities for setting up future Armenian companies Unicorn (private start-ups worth more than $ 1 billion in the 10 years since their inception). Guidelines for “developing the fast-growing Armenian market” and launching the “Digital Julfa Network” were also discussed.

The Digital Julfa Network initiative, as conceived by its authors, should unite Armenia’s technological, trade and cultural potential and help strengthen Armenia’s intellectual position in the world.

“The 300-year-old network of Armenian traders in New Julfa was a powerful trade route from the Indian Ocean to the Mediterranean. Now, as an evolution of world-class innovation, we are creating the Digital Julfa Network, which will bring together the technological, financial, business, legal and cultural potential of Armenia, “said Emma Arakelyan, Director and Founder of Orion Worldwide Innovations.

Representatives of both Armenian and leading foreign companies Adobe, SADA, Embodied, cognaize, Scylla, Grand Thornton, Startup Lithuania spoke during the discussions.

The possibility of “mergers and acquisitions” was discussed as a possible impetus for the rapid development of Armenian startups.

The goal of the organizers and partners of the meeting is to achieve global growth through mergers and acquisitions, promote Armenia’s GDP growth and create a model of success for other emerging markets.

About 2,500 companies are registered in the Armenian startup system. The participants in the meeting believe that in case of mergers and enlargements they will be able to become more competitive on the international market.

“Joint Solution Search Platform”

According to the Deputy Minister of High-Tech Industry of Armenia, the Orion Summit is an initiative that really contributes to the development of the information technology sector.

David Sahakyan stressed that the meeting has become a platform both for clarifying problems in the field and for joint search for solutions with international partners. In addition, he said, the event is a good occasion for the ministry to inform about its development programs in the field.

In particular, the ministry organizes courses in cybersecurity, blockchain, engineering, artificial intelligence and technology entrepreneurship.

“We position Armenia not on the basis of today’s needs, but on the basis of future needs,” David Sahakyan said.

What is Orion?

Orion Worldwide Innovations was founded in 2017 in the United States and is involved in the growth and development of start-ups. With offices in New York and Yerevan, Orion works with organizations around the world, including investor networks.

In 2023, the Orion Summit will be held in New York and then in Frankfurt.

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