The sixth edition of Conecta Fiction & Entertainment is coming to Toledo

– From 21 to 24 June, the Spanish city will be the center of this international event dedicated to Spanish-language art and entertainment television content

Series Holy Avoidwhich is set for its European premiere of the event

The sixth Conecta Fiction & Entertainment will take place at the Palacio de Congresos El Greco in Toledo (Castilla-La Mancha) from 21 to 24 June and is the first dedicated to other non-fiction audiovisual genres. Geraldine Gonardits director said that this event “is an innovative benchmark and we want to continue to be one. That is why we are expanding the concept and brand Conecta, which is now called Conecta Fiction & Entertainment. It will be an international event focused on art and entertainment This spectrum opening solution has been very carefully considered and is the result of many hours of studying trends, the consumption of artistic content is still very high, but there are other formats, other high-demand screens and other audiences that need to be targeted. to focus as an industry and as organizers we must meet this forecast and position ourselves, as we have always tried to do, by innovating and offering the best business and network platform to our participants ”.

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Therefore, through its program, Conecta Fiction & Entertainment is facing its sixth edition as a key meeting place for the television production industry on both sides of the Atlantic, while enhancing its positive impact on Toledo, offering all participants a wide range of activities. in different places around the city and its surroundings, which will increase the value of this historic city as a great audiovisual scene.

Its Country Focus section will include the host country, thanks to its government’s stimulation and support for the audiovisual industry through the Spain AVS Hub plan, one of the pillars of the Digital Spain 2025 program, which has a aims to make the country a major audiovisual hub in Europe by stimulating national audiovisual production and attracting investment and economic activity, strengthening companies in the sector by improving their competitiveness through digitalisation and talent support (read more).

This new edition will also offer activities aimed at international professionals visiting Toledo these days with panels, pitching sessions (for projects for series, miniseries and other TV formats – read more), talks, street meetings to get to know the city and key notes that will be held throughout the week to understand the current situation of the art and entertainment industry for television.

Among its many activities, The Walt Disney Company Latin America will present here, for the first time in Europe, Holy Avoidexecutive director of a feature film produced by Salma Hayekwhich will soon be available on Disney’s global streaming services. Based on the eponymous bestseller by an Argentine writer Thomas Eloy Martinezthe series follows the story of the embalmed body of the legendary Argentine first lady Eva Peron. His cast, led by Natalia Oreiro, Ernesto Alterio, Francesc Orela and Dario Grandinetti, as well as its directors (Rodrigo Garcia and Alexander Maci) and the directors who directed his production will talk about the process of creation and will share, in an exclusive screening for those present, the first of its seven episodes. And a British writer and producer Ben Harris will also share the stage with the Spanish director pako heads.

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(Translated from Spanish by Vicky York)

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