The sweet art of Pokémon fans shows the best qualities of Rowlet

A creative Pokémon fan has created some charming fan art featuring Rowlet, featuring owl-like Pokémon in a series of cute and fun scenes.

Creator Pokemon A fan created some charming fan art featuring the Alolan Grass / Flying Rowlet type starter. Known as Grass Quill Pokémon, Rowlet is also one of the starters on offer Pokemon legends: Arceus, where it acquired a new evolutionary form in Hisuian Decidueye. Many fans enjoy Rowlet because of its comically cute round body and big eyes.

As one of the most famous Pokemon in a region, the starting trio of each generation naturally receives a lot of attention. An example of this can be seen in how the internet is flooded with fan art of the recently announced generation 9 starters for Scarlet and purple. To make them more recognizable, Pokémon Company also includes initial Pokemon through merchandise and media appearances. Rowlet, for example, was Pokémon Ash’s first catch Sun and moon anime when traveling to Alola. In addition, Rowlet has inspired a comfortable chair with a bag in which fans can relax.


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A fan of the series known as ynmr_ll on Twitter recently showed their own love for Rowlet through some extremely cute fan art. ynmr_ll addresses the post directly to Pokémon owl fans, presenting a series of charming sketches. A whole herd of roulette can be seen in a variety of situations and poses, including a sleek cheese-colored version. This Shiny appears in two of the three scenes presented in the work of art. He is first seen cuddling gently with another Roulette, before the poor creature finds himself trapped in a box full to the brim with another Roulette. Just above that, Roulette can be seen looking shocked as his friend is carried away by a claw, as if Pokemon are prizes trapped in an arcade machine.

ynmr_ll apparently has an affinity for Rowlet, as this is far from being their only work of art to feature Pokemon. While their latest works of art are a series of sketches, their older works are more complex and detailed. These images show everything from a Rowlet hatching in a nest to a familiar couple cuddling on a tree branch. They have also painted various other Pokemon, but Roulette’s repetitive nature marks him as a clear personal favorite. The latest sketches only consolidate this love and present the Pokemon in meaningless but charming situations that only serve to emphasize its attractiveness. The variety of expressions and emotions helps the small flock of Pokemon to come to life in the work of art, which quickly gained nearly 6,000 likes online.

It is clear to everyone to see that ynmr_ll is a fantastic artist as well as a dedicated Rowlet fan. This latest set of artwork, although less detailed than some of their other pieces, nevertheless perfectly encapsulates the charming nature of Pokemon. Rowlet’s design is very cute and that’s something ynmr_ll used in the piece for great effect. Comic scripts and simple works of art mix to present a charming image of Roulette away from the frantic action of Pokemon battles, making the unique work of art a delight for everyone. Pokemon fan.

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