The town of Massena will be featured in the July issue of Business View magazine Business

MASENA – For the second year in a row, the town of Masena will be presented in Business View magazine.

Massena’s municipal council approved the initiative and the city will be featured in the July issue of the magazine.

“We need approval from our board to move forward. Again, at no cost to us. We are filling out some documents as usual, “said city supervisor Susan J. Belor.

“Massena did it last year and the costs are usually paid for through local advertising,” said Jason G. Hendrix, who was contracted by the city as part of Explore Massena’s efforts.

He said he was asked to provide photos for the article he provided. He said the article presents business and tourism aspects of the city.

“It’s free advertising,” Mr Hendrix said.

Ms Belor said she had asked for a list of advertisers.

“He sent me a really good list of advertisers in the area here who would certainly support him and we will be in the July issue, which would be nice,” she said.

Last year, the city council approved former city superintendent Stephen D. O’Shaughnessy to sign a letter of invitation, which was used by Business View magazine to validate an interview and create an article in a Massena magazine. The board also approved the provision of photos for this article.

The magazine is in digital format and can be used by the city to attract people to Massena.

According to Business View’s Facebook page, it is a monthly magazine that provides “information and intelligence on key business sectors through three editions – North America, the Caribbean and Oceania.”

“Our coverage covers a wide range of industries – including, but not limited to, franchising, manufacturing, construction, healthcare, green business, food and beverage, energy supply, supply chain and logistics and the public sector. By partnering with the governing bodies that monitor these industries, we are able to ensure that the content is reliable, relevant, news-worthy and timely, ”said Business View employees.

Mr Hendrix also provided City Council members with an update to Explore Massena during a recent meeting. He said the initiative is laying the groundwork and concluding details on national fishing tournaments this summer.

“Obviously, when we publish this announcement, we want it to be as accurate and ready as possible,” he said.

He said they are also working on ways to convey Massena’s message with photos and video.

“One of the big things that happened this month, which was a little surprising, was that we made a post about the Viking container ship that went through the locks. This post went viral this month. We had about 25,000 ranges on it. So what we’re doing is branching out and following it, “Mr Hendrix said.

As part of the follow-up, Explore Massena announced a member of the Massena Garden Club who is helping to beautify the village. Explore Massena posted an image with the branding as part of the photo. Photos were then published without the branding, which Mr Hendrix said has attracted much more attention and they plan to use this format for fishing tournaments.

“We find that what’s happening is very simple to use raw images or raw video before putting a brand of ours on them, it’s actually getting more engaging. “What we’re finding is that it’s actually leading to better engagement and better coverage, so we’re going to put that into our strategy,” Hendrix said.

Ms Belor said she appreciated Mr Hendrix’s efforts.

“It’s so easy because when I get phone calls or emails saying ‘Can I be famous for this or that,’ I just say to Jason. He connects with people again and everything goes very, very well. So I appreciate that, “she said.

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