These are some of the best auto insurance companies in Iowa

You spend a lot of money on your car, so you want to try to protect it. No one tries to have an accident or damage their car, but it happens. Whether it’s a fender bender to something much more serious, you’re always trying to avoid hitting your car or another car on the road.

You may not always need help from your auto accident insurance. A tree branch can damage your car, a rock can crack your windshield, or someone’s cart can accidentally hit your car at the grocery store. In any of these scenarios, you’ll want a quality auto insurance company by your side.

Shopping for auto insurance can be a hassle in you know what. You are constantly calling and checking different sources to see who has the best plan for you and/or your family. Looking for the cheapest? The best coverage? Do you need full coverage? There are many questions that affect which car insurance is right for you.

Unsplash – Clark Van Der Beken

Unsplash – Clark Van Der Beken

After moving from Minnesota, I was curious if I could find cheaper car insurance in Iowa, and it turns out that Iowa has some of the cheapest car insurance rates in the country, according to Wallet Hub. I found some of the top rated auto insurance companies in Iowa.

Insurance Gurus – Located in Cedar Rapids, they have received a great 4.9 out of 5 stars and can help you find the perfect plan for you. Many of the Google reviews praise Ed for being helpful and great to work with.

Weinstein Insurance – Here’s another heavy hitter coming out of Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Weinstein Insurance has a 4.6 star rating, with many Google reviews praising their work.

Cade H’s review on Google reads “Friendly staff who care about you on a personal level. It’s hard to beat a small business where you get to know the owner.”

Kurt Gustafson American Family Insurance – Curt is very strong with a 4.8 star rating on Google. Another insurance company located in Cedar Rapids, Kurt can help not only with auto insurance, but also with home insurance, life insurance, RV, business and motorcycle insurance.

Regina Hatcher’s Google review says “I have had nothing but excellent service since we started doing business with Gustafson Insurance (over 40 years, starting with Kurt’s father, Lee).”

Cedar River Insurance Global Green Insurance Agency – This independent insurance agency has provided some of their best companies for you and you can quickly get an online quote. They serve customers in Cedar Rapids, Iowa City and Waterloo. This is another heavy hitter on the Google review board. They have a perfect 5-star rating from 85 reviews on Google.

Rossilyn’s google review says “Greg and Kayla are very responsive and communicate well. Almost all of my clients asked them for a free insurance quote and chose one of the carriers found with the lowest prices!”

Shelter Insurance – Here is another insurance company that shows up with a perfect 5 star review on google reviews. Led by Donald Fuller, he should be proud of the positive feedback he has received on Google. Having a fantastic response time has always been big for me. I’ve always hated waiting days for a call back.

Dayna Stieger’s review says “By far the best to work with. He cares about his customers and always follows up with them. His response time is remarkable and I’ve never had any problems.”

If you’re looking for something new when it comes to your insurance needs, these 5 businesses are a great place to start. You might find something cheaper, something that fits your needs better, or something with better customer service. I know I’ll be checking in with all 5 of them this afternoon.

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