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Carrefour and Procter & Gamble are teaming up in the metaverse

Carrefour has partnered with Procter & Gamble for what it bills as “the first retail/FMCG co-brand experience in the meta universe.”

This includes the brand Mr. Clean on the last one.

In a post on LinkedIn, Elodie Pertuiso, chief e-commerce, digital transformation and data officer and EXCOM member at Carrefour, said: “Thanks to their lab, we both offer Carrefour clients a new style marketing activation, between gamification, immersion, Web3 , all this with Mr. Clean like you’ve never seen it before.”

She added: “It’s a test of reinventing classic ads and activations, creating a connection between the metaverse and e-commerce, and especially getting feedback from our customers to develop this experience.”

Żabka Group achieves a milestone in AiFi-powered autonomous Nano stores

Polish convenience giant Żabka Group has opened its 50th cashier-less Żabka Nano store.

They use AI-powered computer vision technology created through collaboration with AiFi.

In a LinkedIn post, Patryk Powierża, Żabka Nano Growth, said: “BOOM! Store number 50 is open

“After about a year since opening the first stand-alone store, we have reached a milestone of 50 stores.

“This number strengthens our position as the largest chain of autonomous stores in Europe. You can easily judge a week – now a new store. It’s HUGE!”

Circ raises over $30 million with backing from giants in the apparel and tech industries

Fashion company Circular Circ has secured over $30 million in Series B funding.

This was led by Bill Gates-founded Breakthrough Energy Ventures with additional investment from new partners including Inditex, Milliken & Company and Lansdowne Partners.

Previous investors also involved include 8090 Partners, Alante Capital, Card Sound Capital and Marubeni

Circ has developed a technological system that returns clothes to the raw materials from which they are made. To date, he has raised a total of $45.

Boots INNOVATE was launched in partnership with TCS and focuses on emerging technologies

Boots UK has launched a new INNOVATE workspace in partnership with TCS at its Nottingham site.

The goal is to encourage and nurture a startup culture. INNOVATE is designed to be a flexible incubator combining creative space with top talent and emerging technology.

Five questions about retail technology for Pete Hawroyd of Swapi

RTIH asks the major players in the retail technology space for their thoughts on the sector and throws in a random question to keep them on their toes. This time our five questions go to Pete Hawroyd, founder and CEO of Swapi.

DPD and Cartken make autonomous delivery robots in Milton Keynes

DPD will start autonomous robot deliveries in two Milton Keynes boroughs as part of a trial with Cartken.

The DPD-branded robots, which will operate from the firm’s Knowlhill depot, will navigate the city’s traffic-free Redway network to access the residential areas of Shenley Church End and Shenley Lodge.

Powered by AI technology, the robots are currently “learning” the routes and will then be able to find their way to delivery addresses, fully autonomously.

Cartken’s technology is currently used by Mitsubishi Electric in Japan and Grubhub in the United States.

Blockbuster is back from the grave related to NFT movement

Blockbuster is back in action. Well, sort of…

For millions, weekend nights in the 80s, 90s and 2000s meant popping down to the local Blockbuster and renting a movie or three.

Then streaming happened and alas, the company filed for bankruptcy in the US in 2010. Today, there is only one store left on the planet, in Oregon.

In July, her Twitter account tweeted for the first time in two years.

“We’re back from the grave…” it said alongside a GIF of a zombie rising from the grave.

So what could this all mean? Click here to learn more.

Getir UK is offering free Lurpak oil as shoppers fume over price hike

Fast food delivery company Getir is giving away free Lurpak butter in the UK.

The product went viral after Britons revealed on social media how much its price had risen in various supermarkets.

The craze reached its peak this month, making mainstream media headlines galore, with a 1kg tub of Lurpak spotted for £9.35 by one person.

Getir shoppers could go to its app and get a free tub of oil delivered straight to their door when they spent a minimum of £20.

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