Top 5 for the 2022 NFL rookie: Replacing Rob Gronkowski is expected to play a key role in the Buccaneers

The 2022 beginner class does not include a unicorn like Kyle Pitts – it is deeper than anything else.

These are the five secret endings that will be most productive in Year 1.

5. Charlie Collar, Ravens

It’s weird how things happen sometimes in the NFL draft, because my comparison to Kolar was Mark Andrews. He is now Andrews’ backup. Nearly 6 feet 7 and 250 pounds, the Tight End has been a stellar pass-catcher in Iowa for the past three seasons, catching a total of 20 touchdowns and has more than 40 receptions and 590 yards in each campaign. Kolar’s productivity was largely due to his unusual flexibility for his height, which allowed him to get in and out of his breaks as a runner on the route, and he caught everything. Generally. Kolar had only two relegations in 2021.

4. Isaiah Probably, Ravens

Yes, back to back Ravens. And, yes, two novice secret endings are unlikely to contribute to the same crime. But this is not an insult. This is an attack from Baltimore, in which the Marquise Brown was exchanged this offseason and was in his best form in 2019 – when Lamar Jackson was the unanimous MVP of the league – when he led the NFL in “22 staff”, which has two beka, set with two tight limbs. In short, there will be many goals to get around Jackson, even with the presence of Andrew’s superstar in the same position.

Kolar and Probably are two different types of secret ends with unique talents threatening from below, at the intermediate level and down the field. Probable projects like the more capable Deebo Samuel YAC. He is taller than Kolar on this list because Kolar is very much like Andrews. Probably provides more suddenness from below to target high throws for Jackson.

3. Cade Otton, Buccaneers

Suddenly, Otto is de facto number 2 tight end in Tampa Bay without any Major Rob Gronkowski threatened to return, at least for the first few months of the season. Cameron Bright is still hanging around, and while it’s on, the Harvard product hasn’t reached 50 catches in the regular season since 2016, and it will turn 31 in July.

Otton is a return type, a thick blocker with blue collars who is like an ox in an open field with the ball in his hands. He was surprisingly short at the factory – only 247 pounds – but his four years as a steady contributor to passes in Washington’s tough attack show that he has the quality to be quality below, especially a chain option for Tom Brady in the air attack. Tampa Bay. He doesn’t have many advantages in his game, because Otto is not an extremely talented athlete. Brady likes to use narrow ends to lengthen the discs. Otton is set to have an underrated productive year for a rookie.

2. Trey McBride, Cardinals

The Cardinals made McBride the first hard end offboard in the 2022 draft to pair him with Zack Erz, a cunning vet who quietly made an average of more than five catches and more than 52 yards per game in 11 regular season races in Arizona last season. the highest average he has recorded since 2019.

McBride is doing well. I don’t know if it’s spectacular somewhere, but it goes through different routes, has big, reliable hands, is a rock after the catch and is pretty fast. In the Cardinals offense, there are plenty of mouths to eat, starting with DeAndre Hopkins (who was penalized for the first six games) and newly acquired Brown. But Kyler Murray will throw him an average of about 35 times in a race. McBride, of course, has fresher legs than Erz and could become a more stable feature of Arizona’s attack as the season progresses.

1. Gelani Woods, Colts

The second tight end, selected in April, will be the most productive tight end for rookies in 2022. Woods is a 6-7, 252-pound sharp runner with a catch radius the size of a Mack truck and an incredible speed of 4.61. He will jeopardize the seam for Matt Ryan. Under Frank Reich last season, the Colts had the sixth highest utilization rate of “12 people,” which is alignment with one back and two tight limbs before a click.

And Jack Doyle is gone. Woods is ahead of another towering specimen in the Mo-Ali Cox and fourth-round pick of 2021 Kaylan Granson. Cox is a great talent. Woods is much more capable than Granson. When it comes to quarterback, Ryan is one of the most consistent pitchers in the league with a rich history of secret involvement in his attacks. In 2021, Kyle Pitts led the Falcons with 110 goals. Hell, in 2020, Hayden Hearst caught 88 eyes from Ryan. A year earlier, Austin Hooper finished second in Atlanta with 75 goals. Woods will see the ball being thrown relatively often in a Colts attack that requires dynamic weapons. And he certainly is.

Honorary mention: Greg Dulcic, Broncos

Dulcic has averaged about 18 yards per reception in his last two seasons at UCLA, and although he had a clear stiffness in his game as a runner on the film’s route – which made me shorter than most – there was no doubt about his stretching stitches and deceptively high speed after the pistons started firing.

In front of him on the limited-depth chart sits the explosive Albert Okuegbunam, who was bigger than anything else at the beginning of his NFL career. Of course, Russell Wilson will look to Cortland Sutton, Jerry Judy and KJ Hamler – but Dulcic does not have an established 100-target tight end to challenge him for what we hope will be Wilson’s release in Denver. .

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