Tucker Carlson calls Ron Rivera a “fascist fool” for Jack Del Rio’s fine in comments on January 6

Sometimes I wonder why I feel like we live in two different countries on the same common borders. And then I watch some of Tucker Carlson’s show on Fox News and the complete nonsense starts to make little sense.

Carlson, whose show ran for an hour without commercial breaks on Thursday night, making viewers less likely to change channels on one of the many other networks broadcasting the commission’s first public hearing on Jan. 6, attacked the Washington Commanders’ coach Ron Rivera last night for a fine of defense coordinator Jack Del Rio.

Mediate.com has the video. I decided to keep my nose and copy it.

“Jack Del Rio is a football coach, he is the coordinator for the defense of Washington commanders, formerly known as the Redskins, while for some reason this was unacceptable,” Carlson said. “So a few days ago, Del Rio pointed out that no one seems to be talking about the BLM riots anymore. Instead, they pretend to care about January 6th. Well, he was attacked for it because you are not allowed to tell the truth on any level. So he came back and said he stayed behind his comments. That’s what he said. “

The show then presented a short clip from the Del Rio press conference on Wednesday. It starts with Del Rio saying he is respectful. He ends with Del Rio, who says, “What did I ask? A simple question. Why don’t we study these things? “

Curiously (or not), the video ended before Del Rio dismissed the January 6 uprising as “Capitol nonsense.”

“Oh, he thought he had a right to be respectful in the land of the free,” Carlson continued. “But it turns out not. Just hours ago, the coach of Washington Commanders, a fascist fool named Ron Rivera, announced that Jack Del Rio had no right to speak and had been fined $ 100,000 for it. Rivera began by saying that, quoting, “Lives were lost on January 6,” which is a lie.

He then went on to say, “Our organization will not tolerate any equivalence between those who demanded justice after the assassination of George Floyd and the actions of those on January 6 who tried to overthrow our government.” If you think of an order full of dishonest dishonesty and propaganda than that, send us a text and tell us what it is, because we can’t. I mean, he’s just an outspoken Maoist. In essence, what he is saying is, “Shut up. You no longer have the right to speak. If you do not agree with orthodoxy, you will be punished. This is an NFL team. And it’s happening everywhere. “

To sum up, Carlson officials missed any mention of Del Rio, which he called the uprising (or, as one of Carlson’s guests suggested Thursday night, an FBI conspiracy to capture Donald Trump supporters) “nonsense.” Carlson also called the respected two-time NFL coach of the year a “fascist fool.” Finally, Carlson said it was a lie to claim that lives were lost on January 6.

And Carlson works for Fox News. A sister company to a major NFL broadcast partner. And yet the NFL, which honestly doesn’t mind complaining about me on NBC when it sees fit, never says a word about Carlson.

Maybe the NFL is complaining about Carlson in private. If so, it is rudely ignored. As can be seen from last night’s comments about Ron Rivera and the commanders.

We will ask the league and the team for comment in response to Carlson’s attack on Ron Rivera. Probably neither of them has anything to say. And that’s a pity. At a time when almost not enough people are telling the truth, those who are committed to it must be willing to stand up and be counted.

Tucker Carlson called Ron Rivera a “fascist fool” for the January 6 fine of Jack Del Rio. Comments originally appeared in Pro Football Talk

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