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POTSDAM – Tupper Lake’s baseball team remained loose and united throughout the season and paid off with a 11-6 win over Huvelton in the Section 10 Class D championship game on Tuesday at Clarkson University.

The Lumberjacks (14-4 in total) won their first boys’ team championship in any sport after returning to Section 10 before the 2005-06 school year.

The team includes several players who dyed their hair blond. Every game has made him a new player, but coach Dan Brown joked after the game that he would not be on the list.

The loggers will travel to SUNY Plattsburgh to face the Section 7 Crown Point champion on Saturday in a state quarterfinal match. The time has not been announced.

Tupper Lake was 6-7 last year with the same main group of players who won the championship on Tuesday.

“The biggest thing about us is that we have a group of guys who go out every day after a workout.” said Brown. “They hang out at school all day. They play golf together. They swim together. They take pizzas to my house when they have leftovers at night. It’s just a group of 15 guys who want to be together all the time and they’re a team. When I think of a team, I think of these guys. ”

The current Lumberjacks were in their first championship game in any sport and faced a Heuvelton program that has been regular in this type of game over the years.

The Bulldogs (9-4) put the Lumberjacks in a 3-0 hole, heading for the bottom of the third inning.

Heuvelton’s Tristan Young took the lead from the top of the third with a double. He scored a single from Nate Mashaw. Masha scored a triple by Adam Calton, and then Calton scored a single by Lucas Thornhill.

With one out at the bottom of the inning, Tupper Lake’s ninth batter, Garrett Dewyea, scored. Karter Kenniston followed another single and a walk to Ryder Willett loaded the bases.

Dewyea scored in the wild and Grant Godin hit, but the last pitch moved away from Heuvelton’s catcher, allowing Keniston to score, with Godin finishing second.

Griffin Saheen then scored Willett and Godin with a three-pointer and then scored a single from Luke Robillard to put Tuper Lake ahead 5-3.

“It comes down to a few mistakes” said Huvelton coach Dave Steele. “This big inning was a big lift for us. We thought we had turned things around in our favor. That’s how baseball happens. Nerves in an inning and he turns and builds a little momentum. I thought we had a chance. “

The Lumberjacks added three more runs in the fourth inning, with Godin riding in a doubles series and Shaheen riding in another singles series.

Shaheen, the Tupper Lake catcher, tripled to the bottom of the sixth and finished 4-for-4, driving in five runs. He also dumped a Heuvelton runner who was trying to steal a second.

“It means a lot not only to the school but to the community as well.” Shahin said of the victory. “We worked hard every day. He just showed up. ”

Year ended 2-for-4 for loggers.

“We started slowly in a few of our games, but I’m very happy to see the bats come out.” Godin said. “The bats came to life and that helps us win matches all year round. We did a lot of running. ”

Keniston threw a full game, shooting seven and coming out 2-for-4.

“My crooked ball was right at the point” Said Keniston. “I made them think a little against the fast ball. I had a lot of confidence in my team. “

Robillard and Dewyea ranked 2 against 4.

Calton tripled and Thornhill finished with two singles for Heuvelton. Thronhill and Brandon Pray stroked the RBI single in the seventh inning, and Jed Crayford scored in the fifth inning.

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