Tyrick Hill-Patrick Mahoms: NFL rivalry that no one expected to come

from Martin Rodgers
FOX sports columnist

The weirdest new rivalry in the NFL is here, and it’s hard to tell if it’s a rivalry at all, or just beef, troll work, or a way to raise podcast ratings.

Tyrick Hill’s verbal blows against Kansas City Chiefs and Patrick Mahoms – his old team and former quarterback respectively – were very unexpected and really quite strange.

Yes, it’s great.

It’s the enmity we’ve never seen coming, making it the perfect ticking fodder for this largely empty pocket of the year when football happened long enough that the details of even the latest campaign are a bit blurry, and the new season is far enough away that I don’t feel really real.

Hill strives for this by filling the usually slow summer news cycle with a growing list of excavations at the place where he made his name, and QB, which launched all these passages in his direction.

Its stitches are wide and varied, but they are all pointed and without room for confusion. In his new “Need to Say” capsule, Hill criticized the way it was used in Kansas City and insisted that the Chiefs would fight without him following his exchange with the Miami Dolphins.

In addition, in a comment that most NFL observers scoffed at, he said Dolphins’ third annual QB Tua Tagovailoa was a more accurate passer than Mahomes – the same Mahomes with a Super Bowl ring and four consecutive appearances in the AFC Championship.

“Obviously I’ll take 15 as my strongest hand,” Hill said. “But in terms of accuracy, I’ll go with Tua all day.”

Deshon Watson, Tyrick Hill top the list of the best differences in the NFL, TALKING ABOUT OURSELVES

Deshon Watson, Tyrick Hill top the list of the best differences in the NFL, TALKING ABOUT OURSELVES

The NFL offseason has seen movement like no other. Deshon Watson moved from Houston Texas to the Cleveland Browns, and Tyrick Hill moved from QB Super Bowl winner Patrick Mahoms to Tua and Miami Dolphins.

Football is not a polite game and it wouldn’t be as popular if it was. Racing jokes are part of the deal. Show me a fan who says he doesn’t like this country on some level and I can show you someone who is economical with the truth.

But the Hill & Friends show (now ex-friends, probably) doesn’t fit the typical pattern of such things. There was no prolonged hostility outside.

Mahoms and Hill were a dynamic combination that gave any sense of complete appreciation for each other’s perfection. Hill has amassed 4,854 yards in the last four seasons with 43 touchdowns. There were times when his shooting legs made it almost impossible to deal effectively.

He was part of that memorable 13-second comeback against the Buffalo Bills and seemed an integral part of Chiefs’ fabric. And when it comes to Mahoms, you don’t usually identify a respectable young NFL person as an obvious target for someone’s distracted anger.

Even Mahomes seems a little confused by this.

“I spoke to him in Formula One in Miami in May and everything looked fine,” Mahoms told reporters. “I’m sure he’s trying to show that he loves his place in Miami and he loves his teammates. The thing I loved about Tyrik – and I still love – is that he wants to win.

Part of Hill’s disappointment was his use, which he thought should have been greater. However, the Chiefs believe that head coach Andy Reed, offensive coordinator Eric Bienimi and Mahomes simply had to consider other options, such as the level of cover that Hill attracts.

The resulting transaction was a blockbuster trade, backed by a package of drafts and a huge contract that will pay the broad receiver the best $ 120 million in four years.

So where does this thing go next? For a short time he looked like nowhere. There don’t seem to be many opportunities for an ongoing quarrel, as the Dolphins and Chiefs aren’t set to meet in the regular season until 2023, and it’s the only opportunity for a match in the AFC playoffs that the Dolphins didn’t have. is part of six years.

But then Hill got involved with former Pittsburgh Steelers bodyguard Ryan Clark, who accused him of being economical with the truth about Mahomes’ comments, and here we are, with something that now takes us a long time to watch and observed in the following months.

Hill is annoyed and this reality will not be resolved soon. Expect more chats from him. Sooner or later, the Chiefs may get bored and take a bite of something spicy. God, let’s hope. The summer heat is just another reminder that Sundays in the gridiron are still months away.

The Hill-Mahomes / Chiefs soap opera is the stupid rivalry we need. Special enough to make us scratch, intriguing enough to be more than fleeting. And vice versa, to help us remember that the NFL is built on fire and ego, which only adds to all this.

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