UCO forensic program accredited for all bachelor ‘s degrees News

EDMOND – The W. Roger Webb Institute of Forensic Science at the University of Central Oklahoma received full, five-year accreditation through the Forensics Education Accreditation Commission, the forensic accreditation body for the United States and Canada.

Central is the only university in North America accredited in all available bachelor’s degree programs in forensics. Accredited degrees include bachelor’s degrees in molecular biology, chemistry, digital forensics and crime scene investigations (forensic investigations). The UCO FSI Program is the only institution in Oklahoma with FEPAC accreditation at the bachelor’s level of any kind.

The institute has been leading bachelor’s and master’s degree programs in forensic science at Central since 2009. Under the leadership of Dwight Adams, Ph.D., former director of the FBI Laboratory in Quantico, Virginia, UCO FSI has seen significant growth since its inception. – less than 100 students in 2009 to nearly 1000 specialties criminologists. This is the largest educational program in criminology in the country.

“You can’t reach these stages without the support and a team of professionals who focus on students and what is needed in forensics. The support began with former President W. Roger Webb and his commitment to the FSI. That support continues with each succeeding UCO president, “Adams said. “This program attracts students from Oklahoma and others across the country and overseas because of its focus on students from a contingent of former professionals with more than 300 years of experience in forensic medicine and law enforcement. Extensive practical training with the latest technologies and methods makes UCO an elite program. ”

Webb has been president of Northeastern State University for many years.

All UCO forensic students complete not one but two degrees, combining forensics with another major such as biology, computer science, accounting or chemistry. These combinations of degrees connect UCO graduates with unique career paths in areas such as DNA expertise, digital forensics, crime scene reconstruction, forensic accounting and forensic toxicology.

Adams added that a key component of FEPAC accreditation is regular interactions with at least one forensic science laboratory.

“As a metropolitan university, UCO is lucky to have several agencies that have helped our program succeed. The FSI enjoys great professional interactions with many agencies in the metropolitan area who have certainly contributed to the success of our students, including the Oklahoma State Bureau of Forensic Research, the Oklahoma City Police Department’s Crime Laboratory and the Crime Division. “The Edmunds Police Department’s Technical Investigation Unit, the Midwest Police Crime Division, the Oklahoma Chief Medical Officer’s Office, the Oklahoma City Laboratory for Analytical Research and DNA Solutions, the Oklahoma City Zoo and others,” Adams said.

FSI alumni can be found at a variety of local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies, including the FBI, the Federal Aviation Administration Forensics Laboratory, the Oklahoma State Bureau of Forensics Forensics Center, the Missouri Highway Patrol Laboratory, and the Bureau of Investigation the Kansas Crime Laboratory, the Texas Department of Public Safety and the Oklahoma Judicial Service, among others. FSI graduates are also accepted into medical schools, law schools and other diploma programs throughout the country.

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