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DUBLIN-(BUSINESS WIRE)–The “Ultrasound: Technologies and Global Markets” report has been added to ResearchAndMarkets.com supply.

In this report, the market is segmented on the basis of equipment type, applications, and geography. The report provides an overview of the global ultrasound equipment market and analyzes the market trends. Revenue forecasts for this period are segmented based on equipment type, applications, and geography. The market values ​​have been estimated based on the total revenue of the ultrasound equipment vendors.

The report covers the Ultrasound Equipment market in terms of user base across various regions. It also highlights key trends and challenges affecting the market and vendor landscape. The report estimates the global ultrasound equipment market in 2021 and provides forecasts of the expected market size till 2027.

Ultrasound has become an important tool in industry, medicine and other fields. Ultrasound has applications in materials science, medicine, dentistry, oceanology, marine navigation, oil and mineral exploration, industrial processes, and noise abatement. Improvements are still being made in the older fields of music and voice reproduction, audiometry, psychoacoustics, and environmental noise control. Ultrasound has already found wide application in the biological sciences.

Dental plaque is removed with ultrasound; sound waves are used to provide prenatal scans; new means of treating skin cancer with high-intensity ultrasound signals have been developed; ultrasound therapy is applied to athletes to treat pain and muscle injuries, as well as to alleviate the effects of rheumatism; and sound in the appropriate ultrasound range can break up kidney stones without the need for surgery.

The medical field has adopted ultrasound technology and related equipment at a greater rate, with newer applications appearing frequently in various fields. Diagnostic ultrasound is a booming market with the use of three-dimensional (3D) and four-dimensional (4D) imaging expanding into many new areas. Likewise, ultrasound applications in various types of surgical and therapeutic fields are increasing at a faster rate. With these increases, the medical field offers great potential for growth in ultrasound applications.

In this report, the global ultrasound equipment market is segmented on the basis of equipment type, applications of each equipment type, and geography. On the basis of equipment type, the ultrasound equipment market is categorized into ultrasonic motors/actuators, ultrasonic medical equipment, ultrasonic processing equipment, ultrasonic assembly equipment, ultrasonic testing equipment, and miscellaneous ultrasonic equipment. Ultrasonic motors/actuators currently dominate the market.

Presence of leading global companies, increasing infrastructure development, advancements in medical facilities, growth in waste water treatment, growing demand from chemical and petroleum industries and surge in demand for integration of artificial intelligence in ultrasound equipment are some of the key factors driving Asia – Pacific Market. Asia Pacific is currently the fastest growing market for ultrasound equipment globally.

Descriptive company profiles of leading global players including Accusonics Inc., Baker Hughes, Kistler-Morse, Newtech Ltd., Samsung Medison Co. Ltd. and TE Connectivity

The report includes

  • Global market trend analyzes with product sales data 2021, forecasts 2022, 2023 and 2025 and compound annual growth rates (CAGR) forecasts to 2027.

  • Highlights possible market opportunities by identifying high-growth applications in various areas, with a focus on the largest and expanding markets

  • Ultrasound Technology and Products market real size estimation, revenue forecast and corresponding market share analysis, segmented by product/equipment type, application and region

  • Assessment of global industry development through in-depth analysis of major regional markets for ultrasound technology and products, including growth projections

  • Updated information on key market drivers and opportunities, industry changes and regulations and other demographic factors that will influence demand in the coming years (2022-2027)

  • Identifying viable technology drivers through holistic review of various platform technologies for new and existing ultrasound product and application markets

  • Insights into increasing R&D investment, key technology issues, industry-specific challenges, major end-user market types, and the impact of COVID-19 on this market

  • Discussing the competitive landscape of the major manufacturers and suppliers of various types of ultrasound products, their research priorities, product portfolios and market share analysis based on segment revenue

Company profiles

  • Accusonics Inc.

  • Advanced sound processing systems

  • Airmar Technology Corp.

  • Alpinion Medical Systems Co. Ltd.

  • Ametek Inc.

  • Analog Corp.

  • Badger Meter Inc.

  • Baker Hughes Co.

  • Baumer India Private Ltd.

  • Bioventus LLC

  • Blackstone-Ney Ultrasonics

  • Boston Scientific Corp.

  • Bullen Ultrasonics Inc.

  • Cambridge Ultrasonics

  • Canon Medical Systems USA Inc.

  • Cedrat Technologies

  • Chison Medical Technologies Co. Ltd.

  • Crest Ultrasonics Corp.

  • Danatronics Corp.

  • Dukane Corp.

  • Emerson Electric Co.

  • Esaote Group

  • Food tools

  • Fujifilm Sonosite Inc.

  • Ge Healthcare Ltd.

  • Greco Brothers Inc.

  • Guangzhou Doppler Electronic Technologies Co., Ltd. Ltd.

  • Guyson International Ltd.

  • Hielscher Ultrasonics GmbH

  • Honeywell International Inc.

  • Interlink Electronics Inc.

  • Jensen Fabricating Engineers Inc.

  • Keeler Ltd.

  • Kisti-Morse

  • Royal Philips NV

  • L&R Manufacturing Co.

  • Massa Products Corp.

  • Mettler Electronics Corp.

  • Mindray North America

  • Nanomotion Inc.

  • Ndt Systems Inc.

  • New Scale Technologies Inc.

  • Newtek Ltd

  • Olympus Scientific Solutions

  • Pepperl+Fuchs GmbH

  • But AG

  • Pie Medical Imaging Bv

  • Pulse measurement

  • Physik Instrumente GmbH & Co. Kilogram

  • Piezomechanik GmbH

  • Proceco Ltd.

  • Rolence Enterprise Inc.

  • Samsung Madison Co. Ltd.

  • Schunk Sonossystems GmbH

  • Shantou Institute of Ultrasonic Instruments Co. Ltd.

  • Sharpert USA

  • Siemens Healthcare GmbH

  • Soniclean

  • Sonics and Materials Inc.

  • Sonomatic Ltd.

  • Sonotech GmbH

  • Sonatest EOOD

  • Sono-Tek Corp.

  • Sonotron Ndt

  • Te Connection

  • Technological design

  • Terason (Teratech Corp.)

  • Tokyo Keiki Inc.

  • Tomtec Imaging Systems GmbH

  • Turbo Systems Ltd

  • Ue Systems Inc.

  • Ultrasonic Power Corp.

  • Weber Ultrasonics GmbH

  • Westinghouse Electric Corp.

  • Yimei Dental Industry Co. Ltd.

  • Zetec Inc.

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