Unique Formula® is an advanced health solution for you to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

The Canadian health brand has created a line of unique supplements
Which provide simple and effective healthcare solutions in one place

FORT LAUDERDALE, FL, July 14, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Unique Formula® is a brand created by Real House Canada (RHC). Each of the product lines has been carefully developed by the executive director Ivy Liuwho is a registered nurse with a degree in pharmacology.

Liou and her research and development team, which boasts a strong pharmaceutical background, have spent years developing each of their innovative product lines that fall under the Unique Formula® label. They include:

  • Canada Gem: The only product with double extracted Canadian wild chaga in North America with the highest effectiveness of medicinal ingredients, proven by laboratory tests.

  • Beauty Secret®: A product line created to help regulate hormones, enhance beauty and maximize nature’s timeless charm.

  • Daily protection: A line of products designed to strengthen the immune system.

  • Mother and child: Products that target the nutrition and health of children from infancy to their teenage years.

  • Target health boosters: A product line designed to target specific areas of our body, providing the healthiest version of ourselves to all family members through easy choices.

  • Men’s care: Supplements that help men support their immune system, energy levels, gut health and more.

Throughout the development of the Unique Formula® catalog, the goal of the RHC team has remained consistent: to create a one-stop shop where their customers know they are getting everything they need to maintain their health.

“Our solutions are simple, efficient and extremely useful,” explains Liu, “That’s always been our goal. Our team of pharmaceutical professionals has dedicated years of research into the development of these natural health products. They cater to many different needs, all under one roof. Real House aims to be a health store for your family. We want to help you be the best version of yourself.”

Liou goes on to explain that along with its comprehensive catalog, the Unique Formula® brand has earned a reputation for its powerful results. “This is done through special combinations of ingredients,” explains the CEO, “Each of our formulas is unique and cannot be replicated, thanks to our expertise in botanical analysis and extraction techniques. Each supplement also synergizes the power of the natural ingredients.”

Between being able to have a supplement for every occasion and the innovative synergy of their ingredients, the Unique Formula® brand is quickly being adopted by a large and growing audience. Lio is also proud of the fact that customers keep coming back because the products really work.

To date, Unique Formula® products have truly improved the quality of life of countless RHC clients in both Canada and Asia. The additional fact that the brand is in the process of entering the US means that Americans will soon be able to benefit from the brand’s unique, holistic health solutions.

For Real House Canada and Unique Formula®: Unique Formula® is a Canadian health brand developed by a pharmaceutical R&D team and its associated pharmaceutical manufacturer. We have developed five product lines with unique formulas: i) Targeted Health Boosters, ii) Beauty Secret®, iii) Men’s Care, iv) Daily Protection and v) Mother & Child. Each one is designed to provide a SIMPLE and EFFECTIVE healthy lifestyle that saves the hassle and confusion of choosing between all the different brands and products on the market right now. Learn more about RHC at realhousecanada.com.

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