Van Hollen, Cardin Submitting direct applications for funding for community projects in support of economic and small business development

June 2, 2022

Today, U.S. Senators Chris Van Hollen and Ben Cardin (both D-Md.) Announced their direct requests for federal funding for community projects in Maryland under the General Government’s Subcommittee on Financial Services and Budget Appropriations for fiscal 2023. Senators are working with local community leaders to identify those projects that will support local economic development, position small businesses for future growth, and provide more opportunities for Marylander.

“Federal direct investment can play an important role in growing our economy, creating jobs and supporting our workers, small businesses and non-profit organizations. That’s why we’ve worked with local partners to identify projects that will benefit Marylanders and our communities, from empowering workers to helping historically underserved small businesses. We will fight to get these priorities through Congress and provide these funds directly to our state. said Senator Van Hollen, a member of the Senate Committee on Appropriations and chairman of the Subcommittee on Financial Services and Public Administration.

“The Maryland team is united in our ongoing effort to bring back new federal resources to Maryland based on local needs and priorities. We are committed to building on the successes of the pandemic to address directly the historical challenges facing entrepreneurs in underserved communities to start and grow their businesses and create jobs. These locally defined priority projects will be transformative and expand the capacity of non-profit organizations to serve entrepreneurs owned by blacks, women, veterans and minority entrepreneurs. said Senator Cardin, chairman of the Senate Small Business and Entrepreneurship Committee. “Our goal is to maximize taxpayers in the most meaningful way for our communities.”

The annual Financial Services and Government Budget Appropriations Bill, chaired by Senator Van Hollen as chairman of the subcommittee, funds important efforts to promote economic growth and small business development in disadvantaged and low-income communities in Maryland. For example, this legislation finances the Community Development Financial Institutions Fund (CDFI), which supports various projects from increasing access to healthy food in the food deserts to investing in affordable housing. It also funds various U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) programs, such as entrepreneurship grants and small business development centers.

Although not all requests may be funded in the funding legislation for the last fiscal year 2023, senators will advocate for their requests to be included as subcommittees on appropriations draft their respective bills in the coming months. Fiscal 2023 begins on October 1, 2022. For fiscal 2022, Senators Cardin and Van Hollen secured more than $ 104 million in direct investment for Maryland.

Senator Van Hollen’s petitions can be found at this link and Senator Cardin’s demands can be found at this link. The pages of the website will be updated when requests are submitted to the subcommittees on appropriations. The Senators’ requests for the Subcommittee on Financial Services and Appropriations of the General Government Sector are listed below.

Project name: AFRO-American Newspapers’ Digitization Preparation Scholarship
Applicant: Afro Charities, Inc.
Description: AFRO-American Newspapers is the oldest black-owned business in Maryland and has an archive of approximately three million photos, several thousand letters, newspaper backdrops and personal audio recordings of U.S. Supreme Court Justice Targud Marshall and Dr. . The funds of Martin Luther King Jr. will be used to prepare the physical materials in the AFRO archive collection for future digitization so that they can be made available to the public. Afro Charities will hire community members as fellows to prepare the archive and digitize the collection.
Project location: Annapolis, MD
Requested amount: $ 257,000

Project name: Baltimore Community Lending Small Business Development & Resource Center
Applicant: Baltimore Community Lending, Inc.
Description: Baltimore Community Lending has been serving the Baltimore community since 1989 with flexible financial resources. The funds will be used to acquire a facility to house their development center and small business resources to serve as an affordable facility for community meetings, skills training and other educational activities. The center will provide space for collaboration and business incubation, as well as legal services and support for accounting, public procurement, insurance and other technical assistance for start-up business development.
Project location: Baltimore City, MD
Requested amount: $ 1,000,000

Project name: Baltimore Creatives Acceleration Network at Maryland Institute College of Art
Applicant: College of Arts, Institute of Maryland
Description: MICA’s Baltimore Creatives Acceleration Network (BCAN) supports artists, designers, creators and cultural entrepreneurs as they grow the business that fuels Maryland’s creative economy, a sector that added more than $ 10 billion in economic impact to our state in 2020 and maintains nearly 70,000 jobs. The funds will be used to expand Scale your Passion, Creative Coaching and BCAN mobile programming to provide mentoring, technical assistance, incubation space and coaching to entrepreneurs who want to start new ventures. Since the program’s inception in 2017, BCAN alumni have opened retail outlets, secured partnerships with national retailers and even been included in Oprah’s Holiday Gift Guide.
Project location: Baltimore City, MD
Requested amount: $ 1,000,000

Project title: Study of cultural connections between black Marylands and civil rights movements abroad
Applicant: Sister States of Maryland, Inc.
Description: This project will partner with the Reginald F. Lewis Museum to highlight and expose the rich history of Maryland, which fights injustice around the world. The project is based on a UNESCO study on the Robe Route Project, which identifies the entrance ports of the Middle Passage, including five entry ports in Maryland. From those days of the slave trade to the present day, Maryland as Frederick Douglas, Harriet Tubman, Targud Marshall, Decatur Dorsey, Pauli Murray and countless others, as well as organizations such as the HBCU, churches and civic groups in Maryland play a key role in civil rights. , in Maryland and abroad. The funds will be used for archival research and public education to highlight the role of Black Marylanders in the global fight against discrimination and injustice.
Project location: Annapolis, MD
Requested amount: $ 1,000,000

Project name: Innovative Science Center Frederick
Applicant: Frederick Innovative Technology Center, Inc.
Description: The Frederick Center for Innovative Technologies is a non-profit business incubator and accelerator designed to cultivate entrepreneurship in Frederick and the surrounding countryside. The funds will be used for the development of the Innovation Science Center, a center for innovators in science and technology with a state-of-the-art laboratory, office and public space customized for early bioscience, agricultural technology, renewable energy and other technologies. -UPS.
Project location: Frederick, MD
Requested amount: $ 1,000,000

Project name: Small Business Program Inclusive Ventures
Applicant: Ann Arundel County
Description: The funds will be used to expand the Inclusive Ventures program, which supports small businesses and minorities, women and veteran entrepreneurs in Ann Arundel County with education, mentoring and access to capital. Practical business training, legal and accounting support and links to funding opportunities will help maintain and develop new companies.
Project location: Annapolis, MD
Requested amount: $ 713,000

Project Name: Center for Economic Opportunities in Maryland
Applicant: University of Maryland, College Park
Description: The funds will be used to support the Center’s work as a center to help start, grow and sustain small businesses from underserved communities across the state by connecting business owners with assistance in planning, financing, marketing and other services. and identifying and filling gaps in services available to minorities and small businesses owned by women. The center also provides paid internships to UMD students to apply their academic lessons in the real world to help underserved business owners succeed.
Project location: College Park, MD
Requested amount: $ 2,250,000

Project name: National Institute for Public Procurement for Veterans
Applicant: Montgomery County Public Foundation
Description: The Veteran Institute for Procurement (VIP) provides technical assistance for government and industry procurement processes, networking and networking, and opportunities for veteran-owned companies to stay connected and mutually supportive. The funds will be used to expand VIP training classes to meet growing demand and allow up to 450 small businesses with disabilities and veterans to participate in the program.
Project location: Rockville, MD
Requested amount: $ 2,000,000

Project name: TEDCO Open Institute for Black Women Entrepreneurs
Applicant: Maryland Technology Development Corp.
Description: The funds will be used to support TEDCO’s new Open Institute for Black Entrepreneurs, partnering with four HBCUs in Maryland to identify the needs of these entrepreneurs at the intersection of research, technology transfer and education.
Project location: Colombia, MD
Requested amount: $ 418,000

Project name: Shady Grove University Stock Incubator
Applicant: Shady Grove Universities
Description: Managed by universities in the Shady Grove Laboratory for Entrepreneurship and Transformative Leadership, the stock incubator provides guidance and support to groups of entrepreneurs and includes an 8-week intensive program with weekly seminars and meetings with mentors, as well as risk initiatives in a panel. judges. The funds will be used to expand the Equity Incubator program to meet demand.
Project location: Rockville, MD
Requested amount: $ 956,000

Project name: UMES Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation
Applicant: University of Maryland, East Coast
Description: The funds will be used to transform underused facilities into a new Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation at UMES, which will provide entrepreneurial resources, spaces for business incubators, space for creators and educational facilities. The services will be free to the public, with the ultimate goal of leading to economic development in the region and supporting small businesses owned by minorities.
Project location: Princess Anne, MD
Requested amount: $ 1,500,000

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