Vienna Calling III / “Take a risk with me” Galerie Art Pool Vienna

“Vivacity in Opera Rose” Etching C.Greenwood 2019 80cm x 80 cm

Atelier Coolpool and ArtCan present 34 international and Austrian artists in Vienna in a group exhibition.

The exhibition “Vienna Calling III – Take a chance on me” is curated by Manfredo Weihs, ArtCan – artist and Christine Manderla, ArtCan – artist, at Galerie Art Pool Vienna.

Duration of the exhibition: September 9 – 23, 2022

Private viewing: September 9, 2022, 6:00 PM – 9:00 PM

Special Guest: The Schick Sisters Live at the Premiere

Ends: September 23, 2022, 6:00 PM – 9:00 PM

Opening hours of the gallery during the exhibition:

Tuesday – Friday: 14:00 – 18:00, Saturday: 11:00 – 15:00, Markgraf-Rüdiger-Straße 13, 1150 Vienna

The exhibition shows works by:

Adrienne Egger • Alison Lamm • Andrea Wahlgren • Andreas Grabner • Andy Farr • Angel Castillo Perona

Birgit Tomek • Brigitte Santol • Kat Coulter • Catherine Greenwood • Christine Manderla • Daisy Gold

Dieter Kederst • Doris Ernst • James Early • Kate enters • Katya Kvasova • Kira Phoenix from left

Lawrence Mathias • Linda Burroughs • Linda Chapman • Lisa Pettibone • Marlis Lepinick • Melanie Jordan

Molly Lamborn • Momo Hoeflinger • Monica Lederbauer • Patricia Biddy • Sarah Wills-Brown • Sylvia Bahri

Sylvia Wutsch • Tamara Torres • Terrer BeAtrix • Werner Otto Egelhofer

Art knows no borders, art exchanges and their collective communities will not be influenced or hindered by politics or religion. Atelier Coolpool not only supports this idea, but lives it.

African Diamonds by James Early, oil on canvas, 52cm x 76cm

The theme “Risk with me” should inspire us to dare to start new in our society.

We must give a chance not only to ourselves, but also to the environment, togetherness, art, love, peace and thus the whole world.

Art is our mouthpiece with which we can communicate and inspire, but also criticize and point out. By creating our artwork, we get a chance to show what we think, feel or have to say.

The name Vienna Calling is a song title of our Viennese singer Falco, we had this title in 2018.

This was followed by “Vienna Calling II” with an exhibition theme of the Beatles song “All you need is Love” 2020.

For Vienna Calling III – 2022 we chose “TAKE A CHANCE ON ME”, the title of a song by the great pop group ABBA, they are celebrating their 50th anniversary.


The studio, founded in 2013, is in the center of the ever-growing artists’ quarter and is located in Vienna’s 15th district on Markgraf-Rüdiger-Straße 13, a boulevard lined with old trees that leads to the nearby Kriemhildplatz. the center of the Nibelungenviertel. The collective of artists Daisy Gold and Manfredo Weihs deals with the relationship and combination between the art forms of painting and photography. Two art forms – two artists – two different perspectives and approaches. It is important for them to experiment, learn and develop in the constant search for something new.


ArtCan is a non-profit organization that supports contemporary artists through a vibrant and exciting exhibition program. ArtCan’s goal is to promote fair payment to artists: when you purchase a work at an ArtCan event, you work directly with the artists and they receive 100% of the payment. The organization’s ongoing goal is to create, promote, support and enhance opportunities for contemporary artists without compromising their artistic exploration and development. ArtCan operates on a membership basis. It is open to all fine artists and creative practitioners. Members support and engage with each other through collaboration, communication and networking. In this way, they facilitate and enable exciting opportunities for exhibitions and projects.

Katya Kvasova_There is nothing to hide


The gallery, founded in 2018 as part of Atelier Coolpool, is located in the heart of the Nibelungenviertel near the Wiener Stadthalle, Austria’s largest event and cultural center. In addition to solo exhibitions, the artist duo Daisy Gold and Manfredo Veix organize both national and international group exhibitions. Galerie Art Pool Vienna sells only on behalf of the exhibiting artists and does not charge a sales commission. 100% of sales proceeds go to the exhibiting artists.


HISTORY In 2000, Katarina, Christine and Veronika Schicho decided to embark on their musical journey together and created the cabaret group “Dornrosen”. The three sisters have been successfully touring the entire German-speaking region for almost 20 years now and have found a permanent place on the native cultural scene. In 2019, Dornrosen said goodbye to their stage life with the “Grande Finale” after a total of more than 2000 concerts. However, the journey of the three sisters will continue as SCHICK SISTERS. Their own compositions feature subtle melodies with exciting chords and subtle arrangements. An unmistakable trademark is the brilliant and precise singing as a trio, accompanied by their own stringed instruments: guitar, violin, double bass and sometimes piano. So they present themselves as an acoustic trio with echoes of pop, jazz and folk. THE SCHICK SISTERS celebrated their world premiere performance in the Grand Ballroom at the 2019 Vienna State Opera Ball.

Opening hours of the gallery during the exhibition:

Tuesday – Friday: 14:00 – 18:00, Saturday: 11:00 – 15:00, Markgraf-Rüdiger-Straße 13, 1150 Vienna,, [email protected], [email protected]

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Board of Trustees:

Kate Enters – Brian Harris – Tabish Khan – Deborah Henry-Pollard – Spirit de la Mare – Jo Baring – Rich Nicholls – Georgia Prowting-Lord – Amina Mona

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