VSR Powered by Lamborghini Squadra Corse Deploying Enterprise NFT Technology with Go2NFT

6 July 2022 – Altrincham, United Kingdom

Vincenzo Sospiri Racing, a multi-championship-winning GT team backed by Lamborghini Squadra Corse, today became the first team in motorsports to launch an official NFT certification program in partnership with corporate NFT platform Go2NFT.

The pioneering pilot scheme will allow the team to trial Go2NFT technology to certify racing car parts for authentication and verifiability. The platform can also be extended to authenticate merchandise or other official products, giving supercar fans peace of mind when investing in branded goods.

This marks the beginning of an important long-term partnership with Lamborghini’s ecosystem of car companies that will eventually be reflected in the form of NFTs.

Go2NFT is the enterprise platform for Skey Network’s highly successful project that combines the Internet of Things with Blockchain and NFT to create a “Blockchain of Things” powered by its proprietary blockchain technology.

This technology has already been successfully deployed to allow seamless access to fire and rescue services in major cities and to enable access to protected buildings and housing complexes and other smart city projects. The Go2NFT platform now allows brands to easily use NFT technology to create their own NFT certification.

Of the partnership, VSR’s Vincenzo Sospiri said,

“We have the great privilege of competing in some of the biggest motorsport events in the world, with one of the world’s best known and loved brands. This also carries a great responsibility to ensure we can reliably authenticate and inspect every part of our racing fleet to monitor performance and ensure provenance.

“We are excited to pilot with Go2NFT and the renowned Skey Network team to build NFT certification into our cars and other products to ensure we maintain the highest standards of quality and control.”

Boris Eysimont, Chief Business Officer of Go2NFT, added,

“What better way to launch our new platform than to be together with one of the best racing teams, supported by one of the most famous automotive brands in the world. We know that provenance, accountability and quality control are key challenges for super-brands looking to protect their IP, and we believe the NFT utility can help create more trust and transparency for brands and their fans. This project with VSR is just the beginning of many similar collaborations for beloved brands around the world.”

Radoslaw Krzycki, CEO of Skey Network, concluded,

“I don’t know of any blockchain or crypto project in the world [that] would not like to be connected through our relationship with VSR with Lamborghini’s motorsport programs. We know that our technology has already proven itself in smart city infrastructure, creating a universal communication standard for IoT devices. With our Go2NFT platform, we are even more ambitious with the goal of providing NFT utility to all brands looking to protect their products and customers by providing clear authentication that is universally used.”


Fiona Chow, CEO of Goadi Consulting

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