Washington Post Claims Dr. Fauci Performs ‘Science’, Ignores Endless List of Errors – OutKick

Few people have been responsible for more public damage in the past few years than Dr. Anthony Fauci.

His obsessive desire to control and coerce behavior led to the imposition of wildly ineffective lockdowns that plunged tens of millions into poverty, failed to control the spread of the virus, and led to untold economic turmoil that is likely to plunge the US into recession.

Fauci’s policy defense has been a complete disaster and he has repeatedly shown no willingness to accept any blame, admit any guilt or admit mistakes.

So, based on his unequivocal record of failure, it should come as no surprise that the Washington Post wrote yet another blurb portraying Fauci as a hard-working hero.

Fauci unapologetically and ludicrously called himself the physical manifestation of “Science,” and the article gleefully justified his delusions by saying that he “performed scientific activities from 12 to 16 hours a day.”

What exactly is a “scientific act”? Advocating school closings, disruptive lockdowns and endless, pointless universal masking? Demonizing accredited scholars who dared to criticize him or his political advocacy? Collusion with others to try to discredit the lab data leak theory based on nothing?

The article is so hopelessly biased that the author claims it would be a “moral crime” to pass on COVID to Fauci, despite his four-dose series of vaccinations. They fail to mention that these fears must also be unfounded, given that Fauci previously claimed in one of his many “scientific acts” that vaccines would protect against infection and be 100% effective against death and hospitalization.

The writer and Fauci, the custodian of “Science,” are so detached from the real world that the handshake is described as a tense, terrifying, high-stakes moment requiring bravery as remarkable as storming the beaches on D-Day:

I manage to follow these directions, but can’t help but hold out my hand when I meet Fauci, which he shakes after a terrifying moment of hesitation. “I’m sorry I did,” I say uselessly. “No, it’s fine,” Fauci says with the resigned patience of a man who has dealt with many people who have made his life difficult over the past few years.

It’s hard to believe that anyone takes seriously people who are afraid to shake hands, but this is the Washington Post after all.

The article is also a masterpiece of inaccuracies, even after the incredible list of corrections that adds a whole new paragraph to the piece:

An earlier version of this article misstated Ebola as a pandemic, misstated the number of HIV cases identified in a medical journal (the number was 26, not 25), misstated Mark Harrington’s last name, misstated federal protections that Fauci received as Secret Service protection, and incorrectly said his royalty payments were related to a vaccine (they were for a monoclonal antibody). The article has been corrected.

For example, they make no attempt to correct Fauci’s outlandish statement that questioning by members of Congress that accurately portrays his horrific experience is not “reasonable.”

“I’m still dubious in favor of people like Rand Paul and Roger Marshall and the like [Representative] Jim Jordan. Still, Fauci says, his brow furrowed in disgust: “Even when you give them the benefit of the doubt, I still can’t find anything sensible. It’s just an attack for the sake of an attack.”

Naturally, Fauci should not be subject to antagonistic questioning, despite being the highest paid public servant and advocating world-changing policies with zero evidence of benefit and certainty of enormous harm.

At least they acknowledge his huge ego, though naturally the article turns it into some kind of positive trait: “Tony has a big ego,” Fauci’s friend Staley says. Yet his ego is also “one of his very useful tools for creating change.”

Oh, and don’t worry, after getting nearly every single aspect of COVID wrong and telling the public that the two-dose vaccination series is 100% effective, Fauci at least thinks we’ll only need “annual shots” after this fall.

Maybe after 17 years of endless booster shots, Fauci and his allies at the Washington Post can shake hands again without collapsing in a puddle of fear.

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