WATCH: Chip Kelly gives update on UCLA staff, NIL status

UCLA football coach Chip Kelly spoke to the media before the Bruins’ fall camp session on Saturday. Kelly talks about the benefits of having a veteran roster, how the team was created to help players with mental health issues, and his thoughts on the current situation with the NIL.

The Rise of Dorian?

I think he’s been a great leader this offseason. We have some guys that have been here for a while – Stephan Blaylock, Moe, Sam Marrazzo, Dorian especially – who have done a great job leading the younger guys this offseason and had a great summer working with Coach Belton in our strength program and fitness and he was up to par yesterday – it was as good as a first practice… but I think it’s kind of expected. I mean, he’s a five-year-old running back who’s getting a lot of reps and getting better — he’s always been that type of guy that the more reps he gets, the better he gets, and he’s had a lot and we’re excited for what this season holds for him.

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