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The Waterpik Ultra Plus lives up to the “ultra” name, with a range of flossing tips, a large tank capacity and ten powerful pressure settings. Whether you’re new to water flossing or looking for a flosser to make a permanent fixture in your bathroom, the Ultra Plus outperforms most portable flossers we’ve tested thanks to its powerful pressure settings. variety of tips and easy to use ergonomic buttons.

Waterpik Ultra Plus: Basic Information

90 seconds tank capacity

Chapter storage compartment

Ergonomic buttons

Six different tips

Powered by a razor outlet


10 pressure settings

Thread head attached to the tank with an extension cord

Easy to clean/dry

Click the tips in place, release button

During use, you can see the water drain through the transparent tank, so it’s easy to know when to refill if needed. There’s a button on the flosser itself to start and stop the water if needed, as well as an on/off switch and a pressure regulator at the base of the flosser that are easy to use without looking (if your head is over the sink) and responds to soft touch.

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