We created new Pokemon using sports figures and they are eerily accurate

Here at SB Nation, we enjoy all creative aspects of the sports world.

Which means everyone is exclusively online for the times when a pops up a generator that turns your name into a pokemon. Basically what you do is put any name you want into the generator and it comes up with what that person would be as a Pokemon.

Let’s use a name, say JP Acosta, as an example. Put that name into a generator and you’ll get this cute looking animal that looks like it’s offering you a side quest for more bananas in Animal Crossing.

Naturally, we decided to turn the sports figures into Pokemon. Who doesn’t want to see Kevin Durant as a battle-type Pokemon?

Nick Saban

Nick Saban is definitely a normal Pokemon type, but they absolutely nail the general stoicism on his face. He would also use normal type moves like roaring and biting. Nick Saban probably never bit anyone (although you never know…)

Tom Brady

Something about it feels… good. This Tom Brady score gives off a quiet, hidden vibe. Brady does rely on quiet movement in the pocket, but once he gets going downhill, invisible is not the word I would use to describe his athleticism. Wait, I have an idea… — Mark Scofield

Tom Brady throws a tablet

OK, now we’re getting somewhere… — Mark Scofield

Patrick Mahomes

I’m sure that’s how the defense sees Patrick Mahomes as well. An evil looking wizard who will destroy you and everything you hold, but also somehow cool. I would have a beer with Patrick MaPokemon.

Miles Garrett

Myles Garrett’s Pokemon absolutely rocks and isn’t afraid to tell you so. He probably also knows where to get a sweet pre-workout that will have you running the entire state of Ohio.

Darren Rovell in his Gatorade jacket

I wanted to pay tribute to one of my favorites tweets in bird app history, and honestly, I think they succeed with that. From the colors to the stance, it captures this slice of sports history perfectly. — Mark Scofield

Jerry Jones

This…this is terrifying.

Aaron Judge

I feel pretty confident in saying that Pokemon Aaron Judge isn’t going to hit 60 home runs anytime soon.

However, I also feel pretty confident that this version of the New York Yankees outfielder will cover a lot of ground in the outfield. Maybe the entire outfield. Anything hit in the gaps will be cut off immediately and good luck trying to pick up an extra base or two. Perhaps that makes this a perfect Pokémon for Judge. Judge has yet to win a Gold Glove despite being a finalist several times, but he is perhaps underrated for what he does in the field. — Mark Scofield

Michael Jordan

I don’t think this Pokemon really captures the essence of Jordan. It’s not bald enough and it feels like this pokemon is too pretty. As a Pokemon, Michael Jordan doesn’t really hate everyone else on the court and probably still talks to PokeBulls to this day. It fits, though, because Jordan definitely had that Doug in him.

I will send myself.

Sammy Sosa Bleached Skin

It just feels fake. This Pokemon resembles the human StayPuft.

Houston Nutt

Looks like your Pokedex could use some heppin’!

Brian Kelly, but only with a southern accent

That’s too accurate. The Pokemon Brian Kelly looks like is called Poodles and teaches kids to have good friends and follow the Bible.

Did I just make him a VeggieTales member?

Russell Westbrick

Introducing Russell Westbrook’s Pokémon counterpart: Russell Westbrick!

The Lakers might prefer this version as he looks like a defensive wall, something they desperately need. — Zane Fahimullah

Roger Federer

Look, I won’t say it categorically is Roger Federer, but if any creation on this page is capable of stupidly ridiculous tennis placement, this is it. I’m also not sure the tennis racket is regulated, probably because it IS a SWORD too. — James Brady

Andy Reid

Then again, that guy is DEFINITELY Andy Reid. This is the Pokemon everyone forgets about before it sweeps a tournament due to its ridiculously high HP and DEF stats and annoying, unpredictable moveset on top of that. Andy Reid uses Rest! Andy Reid uses Outrage! Andy Reid uses Skald! — James Brady

Russell Wilson

Ok, I had a very specific search query I wanted here, not just “Russell Wilson”. The actual The term I used was “Russell Wilson is cooking, but it’s just a Subway sandwich,” which definitely influenced the AI ​​to create this.

There really is a lot going on here that we need to discuss. First, Russ doesn’t represent the Broncos, but the colors show that he plays for Team Subway, as any good brand ambassador would. It also appears that one of his hands has evolved into a Jai ​​Alai spoon, presumably for picking vegetables, while the other crab claw is for cutting meats and cheeses.

The element I can’t get over is the face. That haunting, sullen face. This is the exact face I make when I can’t decide what to have for lunch, get decision paralysis, and end up on the subway freaking out. I’m upset that I pulled over and ruined a precious meal with a decidedly worse sandwich than I could make at home – so that’s my face.

— James Computer

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