Weed As Art – 710 Labs release a pre-pack and capsule line with artist Spacebrat

California cult brand 710 Labs has teamed up with aerosol artist Spacebrat for a new collaborative pre-roll pack, along with a limited-edition collection of capsule clothing. The drop features the first-ever mini “noodle doinks,” which are hand-rolled joints using a 710 Labs fusilli noodle flower as a crutch. These 5 mini-joints are housed in collectible weed art from the colorful and avant-garde aerosol queen Spacebrat.

The Spacebrat x 710 Labs collaboration drops on August 24, 2022, while the collaborative pack will be on store shelves from August 20, 2022. “We always stay true to our spirit; first and foremost, it’s about making products that we’re excited to smoke ourselves,” says Ian Skelly, Chief Innovation Officer of 710 Labs.

“It’s really about maintaining the integrity of a home rolled joint. We recognize that not everyone who loves cannabis can roll a perfect joint,” says Skelly. “And also understand that much of the preroll market is currently saturated with machine-rolled, shake-heavy, and often distillate-infused products.”

The noodle assemblies from 710 Labs have created quite a buzz for their minimalist innovation. Who would have thought you could get the perfect airflow through a noodle carb? Recently collaborative rolling piece for 710 Labs team member Thomas ran Inside man where he talks about hand rolling about 300 joints a day.

Pre-rolled joints have grown significantly in popularity among consumers, with sales jumping 38.9% since 2020. Pre-rolled joints have been the fastest-growing product type over the past two years, MJBizDaily data found, with many consumers reaching for what’s convenient and familiar.

Skelly says yes, ads are gaining traction, but at the same time, the consumer may not be getting the best quality product everywhere. In the past, advance ads were seen as potentially inappropriate weed “hidden” behind the paper. This means that some companies may have used weed that is not their best or even less potent. “They’re often advertised as a cheap exit supplement,” says Skelly.

“We decided to pay attention to them and make the best quality version possible,” says Skelly. “We think our doinks are a way to bring a high-quality, machine-free, hand-rolled cannabis experience to anyone who might not have the time or skill to roll them themselves.” Skelly explains that 710 Labs uses only “top cola, no shake, pruning or bad buds’.

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When it comes to cannabis brands, 710 Labs often mixes genres. The company often works with artists, elevating their work and using it for capsule collections or cannabis releases. In the past, 710 Labs has featured artists Astral Oracles, Richard Prince, LSD World Peace, Camp High, and The Elder Statesman. The brand even created a colorful cannabis drop with Steve Urkel’s favorite actor Jaleel White. They often sell out in minutes. Spacebrat is the next iteration.

Creators and innovators inspire what we do, and we see art and cannabis as inextricably linked,” says Skelly. “The art community is one that we are genuinely passionate about. Spacebrat is a friend whose art we personally collect, so the collaboration was very organic.” He says the brand spent a year developing this project. “It was a pleasant surprise to see Spacebrat approach Virgil for Off-White and Ye for Donda while we were incubating this project,” says Skelly. “We can’t wait to see where Jasmine (Spacebrat) takes her practice!”

I spoke with artist Jasmine Monsegue, aka Spacebrat, about what her art means on a drop of cannabis. “Working with 710 is an honor because of the quality of their products,” says Monsegue. “The way they handle their cannabis and even the design and printing of the product is always top notch. In my eyes, I think we are a perfect match.”

Monsegue is lauded in the fashion world for her airbrushed couture, airbrushed items from Lisa ‘Left Eye’ Lopez on a t-shirt (a piece that was even exhibited at London’s Harlesden High Street Gallery) to scary, horror-inspired artwork from circus scenes or from the Spanish artist Francisco Goya. She thrives on depicting dystopian artscapes.

The collaboration was born out of friendship. “I was introduced to the 710 by Ian Skelly, who I admire and have worked with in the past,” says Montsegue. The strain in the Spacebrat co-packs is Randy Watzon, an in-house genetic product that can only be found at 710 Labs.

It was a fun project to work on personally because I really appreciate a good flower,” says Monsegue. “So even my art on the packaging design is a beautiful way for different eyes to experience it off the canvas. I never imagined or expected this to happen, but I also would not cooperate in this way with any cannabis company.”

“Mixing fashion and art in each world is a smart move for a brand,” says Monsegue. “More people can relate to the design/product and get excited about sharing it. In the cannabis industry, incorporating art makes sense as far as culture is concerned. Think about who is smoking the product and how the design can make it more interesting to be around.”

710 Labs views hash making as an art form in itself. “When people work thoughtfully and creatively, with intention, it can elevate the practice to new levels. We know hash growers whose imagination and technical talent can be considered an art form,” says Skelly. “Hash creation also has a deep cultural history of innovation spanning centuries.”

The company recently expanded into the Florida market through an exclusive partnership with The Flowery. “The market is exciting and needs quality concentrate and flowers. Florida is a medical state, and regulations require vertical integration — meaning that everything a dispensary sells must also be grown, sourced and packaged locally. Flowery understood our vision and allowed us to fully observe the work of 710 Labs there. They just opened their first retail store in Miami and offer delivery through The List, just like here in California.”

“We’re currently launching our vape pods, extracts and flowers, but we’ll soon be adding joints, rosin Gummis and RSO, making our product lines almost identical to our other countries,” Skelly says. He says the biggest constraints the company faces are packaging regulations. “They require a sanitized, basic box, so we have to sacrifice the art we love,” he says.

What other countries does 710 Labs plan to enter? “We are currently building a facility in Michigan with plans to have plants on the ground Q4 of this year,” Skelly says. “Next, New York/New Jersey is definitely a market we would like to enter when the licenses become available. Arizona and Illinois are also prospects.”

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