Weekend MLB Summary: Yankees clean up the Cubs to keep up the incredible pace; The Dodgers’ troubles are getting worse against the Giants

We are in mid-June, which means that “winter” sports are preparing for the end of things and there will be a window before the football season, where everything is baseball among the main professional men’s American sports. In our world it is just the season of grinding. We know that this is a marathon of 162 games with tides.

What did this weekend bring us? Let’s take a look.

The focus of the weekend

Let’s see these moves, Randy Arozarena:

Quite impressive things and a great call from the face of MLB social media with a link to Twister. Do people still play like that? hmm …

Anyway, the rays will prevail on Sunday in Minnesota to save one of the three before the big series coming next week (we’ll get to that in a moment).

The Giants are completing the Dodgers’ cleanup

The Dodgers have had a hard time sledding for the past two weeks, and they have to hope this weekend against the Giants is at the bottom. The Dodgers were swept away in three games – San Francisco won the final 2-0 on Sunday – and also lost aces Walker Buhler to an elbow injury. He will miss a lot of time.

Los Angeles won 2 to 24 with runners in the top three in the game, prompting manager Dave Roberts to say his attack lacked a “first-team attitude”. Austin Slater and Mike Jastrzemski scored solo home runs by Julio Urias in Sunday’s first inning, and Carlos Rodon and the Giants’ bulpen made both runs stand up to complete the cleanup.

The Dodgers are 37-23 and have lost nine of their last 13 games. They still lead NL West, although their lead is limited to half a game ahead of Padres. Meanwhile, the Giants have 33-26 and 3 1/2 games in the division.

José is a production machine

Guardians’ third baseball Jose Ramirez has been one of the best baseball players for some time and may have a year in his career. At least as far as current production is concerned, it is. It was on display on Sunday. A 1-0 lead at the start of the first inning, but Ramirez’s pair with two RBIs at the bottom led Cleveland forever. Ramirez hosted Thursday and Friday and then drove in three rounds on Sunday for a five-RBI series, while the Gardens took three of four. They won 10 of 13 and moved a staggering distance from the Twins to AL Central.

Ramirez already has 59 RBI in 56 Guardian games. No player has run more runs than his team has played in full schedule since Manny Ramirez’s 165 RBI in 1999. And it’s actually the only season of its kind since the schedule expanded to 162 games. There is an awfully long way to go here, but it deserves our attention.

Goin ‘Streaking

Over the weekend, quite long stripes appeared, both on the positive and negative sides. And they broke a 10-game losing streak on Saturday. The Brewers broke a eight-game losing streak with Sunday’s victory. The Philistines won nine straight victories before finally losing on Sunday. However, the brave ones came out of the weekend with their intact series, after winning 11 in a row.

These long series of three contenders (at least reliable contenders) are a good illustration of how quickly things can change when you play every day.

Not surprisingly, the Yankees finished three games against the Cubs. They are a much better team. They needed 13 innings on Friday before finally splitting, but then defeated the Cubs 8-0 on Saturday and totally harassed them in Sunday’s 18-4 victory. Not shocking again.

It’s remarkable, though, because the Yankees are playing at a ridiculous pace. Now they are 44-16, which is a pace of 162 games out of 119 wins. The record for wins for the season is 116, shared by the 1906 Cubs and 2001 Mariners. Do you remember the Yankee dynasty from the beginning of the century? The most games the group won in the regular season were 114 in 1998. This is also the record for winning the franchise.

Perhaps also worth noting: The Yankees have won at least 105 games five times in the franchise’s history. All five of these teams won the World Series.

On the deck

Rays at Yankees (three games starting on Tuesday) / Yankees at Blue Jays (three games starting on Friday): The AL East race is not close. The Yankees currently have an 8 1/2 lead over the Blue Jays and are nine ahead of Reyes. There is a possibility here, it just depends on who uses it. The Yankees could really hurt Reiss and Jace by winning both series and making it double-digit. On the other hand, if both lagging teams win series, the division’s picture is blurred as the Yankees return to the pack.

Brewers in Mets (three games starting Tuesday): This is a possible preview of the playoffs, so it’s always worth highlighting them. However, these two teams in particular are worth watching at the moment. The Brewers have just broken a streak of eight losses. During this series, they lost their grip in the first place. The Mets are still leading in the NL East, but the rise of the Braves has made it a race again instead of a run. There is potential here for a fun series with many others watching.

Angels at Dodgers (two games starting on Tuesday): This is Los Angeles vs. Los Angeles, right? Whatever you want to call this series, it’s a fun interleague match with tons of star power. The Angels recently suffered a crippling series of losses, while the Dodgers did not play well either, but this remains a series to be watched.

Cardinals in the Red Sox: Another review of the world series? It seems far away at this point, but Braves 2021 and Nationals 2019 are two recent examples of why it would be foolish to count a team like the Red Sox. Both teams are in the playoffs at the moment. We recently saw the match in Fall Classic twice, in 2004 and 2013. This happened in 1946 and 1967.

White Sox in Astros: This is a rematch of ALDS from last season, but it would be much more remarkable to watch how the White Sox are doing. They were one of the most disappointing teams this season and manager Tony La Rusa is starting to hear the chants of the native audience in favor of his dismissal. It’s still a tough series, but will the White Sox play for La Rusa’s work?

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