What American Airlines’ new Flagship Business Plus fare offers passengers

American Airlines recently announced that it intends to launch its exciting new Flagship Business Plus program this week. The program sees elements of the Flagship First service added to a business class ticket for a better trip. Let’s look at what it involves.

Ground incentives

Passengers who choose this new option will certainly notice several differences in their travel experience. However, American Airlines does not currently offer any changes to part of its in-flight travel. Those who choose this first-class offer can expect to fly in a standard business class seat. The benefits of this option can be found not in heaven but on earth.


Once arriving at the airport, passengers must check in and go through security with countless strangers. This process can take hours. However, those who have chosen the new Flagship Business Plus option will have a very different experience.

These passengers are allowed access to the flagship first check-in. This provides passengers with a more personalized and convenient check-in process. It also provides access to a quick security check. Note that this option is only available at LHR, MIA, ORD, LAX and JFK airports.

American Airlines Flagship First Dining is a quiet and eloquent alternative to dining at the airport. Photo: American Airlines

With the hardest part behind them, these passengers can avoid the crowds by making their way to the exclusive First Dining Lounge. Again, this is only available at select airports, which include DFW, JFK and MIA.

When picking up luggage, Flagship Business Plus flyers can pick up their third included checked baggage. Photo: Getty Images

Upon arrival at their destination, passengers are given a pleasant reminder that they have flown with the new Flagship Business Plus option when they pick up their third free checked baggage from the baggage claim.

Currently, information from The Points Guy suggests that passengers will not be able to upgrade to Flagship Business after purchase. In a statement to American Airlines, he said

We are pleased to offer customers a new way to access the first-class travel of the American flagship. With Flagship Business Plus, customers can enjoy a first check-in at a flagship, taste our leading first dinner and relax in our flagship lounge before leaving. Flagship Business Plus also provides a third free registered bag and access to the LHR arrivals lounge. Today, Flagship Business Plus is widely available on aa.com and third-party channels. We plan to improve our offerings in the future to provide additional value to our customers, which will require NDC Flagship Business Plus access and reservation technology.

Entrance fee

American Airlines has released examples of what this new tariff for a prospective buyer might look like. Here we can see that the airline plans to include a surcharge of $ 400 for one-way tickets compared to the more typical “Flagship Business” option. Passengers will need to weigh the pros and cons of this new flight option to determine for themselves whether the additional costs are worth it.

Leading business plus American Airlines JFK-TLV fare. Photo: American Airlines

Leading business plus American Airlines DFW-FRA fare. Photo: American Airlines

High expectations

For American Airlines, this new tariff proposal seems to make a lot of sense. During the pandemic, travel with airlines was severely restricted around the world. One of the first things that became regulated were public spaces that included sunbeds. By easing travel restrictions, airlines have been able to reuse many of their previously non-operating lounges, as well as other public areas.

Including access to both the leading dining hall and the leading first accommodation for those who purchase this new tariff seems quite logical. Airlines are always trying to find a way to increase profits while minimizing costs. And what better way than to use valuable assets they already own?

Hoping to secure more capital, American Airlines will soon offer its new “Flagship Business Plus” fare to prospective passengers. The main benefits that come with this improved travel package include:

  • Access to the Flagship First registration, which allows them to pass the crowds for a more personalized registration experience, accompanied by quick access through security.
  • Access to the exclusive leading First Dining dining room.
  • Third checked baggage is included in the ticket price.

This new business plan will soon be implemented and passengers will answer American Airlines if they want and are willing to pay extra for these services.

Would you pay to improve your experience? Let us know in the comments.

Source: The Points Guy

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